Love Island chat, etc


Don’t. It’s horrific. There is not one likeable character and virtually the entire story is pushed forward by the protagonists’ inability to communicate (or rather the writers’ inability to create believable characters). The fight scenes are weak and the lead actor is commically bad (really, no exageration) in everything Kung-fu.
Very much written for the American market, if you know what I mean.


I quite enjoyed Ward and Joys story arc if I’m honest.


Ward was a good character, the actor did quite well with what he was given.

Didn’t care for all the board room politics though, total snoozefest.


Impractical Jokers.

This shit cracks me up


That’s the feeling I get though tbh. It’s why I still haven’t watched it.


To be real you could easily just watch The Defenders and not have missed much.


Into the badlands season 2… If you like martial arts this is the one to watch…
Hap and Leonard season 2…
James Purefoy (“Rome,” “The Following”), Michael Kenneth Williams (“The Wire,” “Boardwalk Empire”)



The fights scenes are definitely a lot better, second season has started off well enough.

The Widow scene was pure ridiculous though.


The entire show is just completely ridiculous but I love it.


I’m about to finish Band of Brothers and wanted to know if The Pacific is shot in the same style and basically if it’s as good?

Band of Brothers is phenomenal in parts :hushed:




Just finished watching ‘The Night Of’. Absolutely brilliant from start to finish. Real glue to the telly stuff. Would recommend.


Taken… Passes the time…


Anyone not watching Archer? If so, watch it.


Watched the most recent episode of Legion last night and it was awesome.

This Marvel show shits on Iron Fist.


Seen 6 so far… Is 7 up?


Not in the UK, you watch it on FX?


Kodi, so if its aired anywhere i can get it.


If so yeah it should be up mate.