Love Island chat, etc


I’m catching up on Poldark. Fuck me, Eleanor Tomlinson is such a red headed hottie. DAYUM.


Brilliant novel, didn’t realise they made it into a TV series also??




Kem carried Amber so hard. Never liked her. But Kem was such a legend, he deserved it.


Yea, just recently. I was surprised too. Still got to finish the book but I’m liking it so far.



Power season 4

Latest episode was a bit mad


Sooooooooooooooooo is she fucking him with a strap-on?

Or is his dick just at an angle?


I’d assume the former

Just missing a top knot and vape pen


Thought this was meant for Greyworm


Don’t tell the bride, I can’t believe any if this is happening, it’s actually fantastically bad.


“I can’t wait for this trash to be over”



I KNEW IT. :rofl:


Love Island, Don’t tell the bride…

Da fuck? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Reality TV is probably one of my favourite TV genre’s.

Come at me Film boy :wink:


Seriously, I cannot watch Reality tv. I can’t stand it. Especially the people on them, who are usually the most annoying, self-obsessed fuckwits imaginable.


That’s how club 92 or whatever the fuck it’s called really rolls bro. :santi:


Narcos season 3

This scene cracked me up


I’ve been watching the first two seasons of Lucia Underground on Netflix.


Not quite the powerhouse show it was before.