Liverpool thread




Community always gets a like.


This one is kinda good as well lol:


No Community reference tho. Not to mention Pool are game raising bitches.


Knowing Liverpool they will probably manage to beat Chelsea, Spurs and Us.


Nah u know fine well pool will get beat by chavs and scum and then end up beating us


I want nothing more than to bury these cunts good and proper.



I really hope this lot turn up tonight. They are overdue a good result and now is the time more than any to do it.


They suck right now, doubt they’ll do us any favors.





LFTV is up and running.


6 year deal…Quids in if he fucks it up and gets sacked early!


Didi Hamann is like Paul Merson and Piers Morgan for us. According to him, everything is bad now at Liverpool.


Didi Hamann comes across as being an absolute prick in the media tbh


That seems absolutely fair. Not really sure what these ex liverpool players expect but Klopp’s doing a fine job and they’re better off binding him to the club for the next couple of years right now than doing so when it’s too late.


Not sure why Liverpoolistas are still so entitled. The only thing they’ve done in about 8 years is come 2nd once when they had by far the best player in the league. He’s not even done 18 months yet.


Its a big fail this right now though on Klopp and imagine itd be hard to take.
Losing games at home to Swansea and away to Hull and a 2 legged tie to Southampton deserves to be questioned.
Also had a transfer window that he chose to ignore with least depth squad in the top 6.
Im fan of Klopp and wanted him here, but it will be interesting to see how he addresses this situation.
If this is burn out thats caused this as some suggest that would be a pretty damning outcome on him.
Im sure with his past success he must have more but it will be an intriguing watch between now and the end of the season.


@Craigie liverpoolista??