Liverpool thread


I wouldn’t say this is his true level but he has been the most influential player in the Premier League this season thus far IMO.


They’re all great.

Individual stats

Passes into danger zone

exp goals+ assists


Shots: 3.9 per 90 minutes
xG/Shots: -0.09

That’s shit right?


4.71 shots actually :slight_smile: The graph design is only up to 3.9, but look down to the bottom left and you’ll see that number in green.

But anyway, no I don’t think it’s shit. It only tells you that perhaps he’s still shooting a bit too much from outside the box. Still, it’s slightly better than last season, and he’s also getting more touches in the box, so he’s improving a bit in that regard. No other attacking midfielder, is currently producing more in front of goal, so the occasional frustrating long shot is something you’ll just have to deal with.


Coutinho is one of the best players in the league.

Think this will be his breakout season.

Didn’t they get him for like 7M from Inter lol, Bargain.


Goes to show that it is hard to evaluate players. If Inter knew he could play like he is now on a consistent basis do you think they would have sold him, let alone for so cheap. That is the thing with players sometimes they come good sometimes they flop sometimes they need a change of scenery to get the best out of them or maybe a different manager with different tactics or a manager that has what they feel is more belief in them than their previous manager. I must admit that I used to think Coutinho was a player that was quite limited but a good risk for 7m but I didn’t expect this from him you could see glimpses of talent but to me he was a ‘meh’ type player, but under Klopp he has just come alive and now he is a bastard to come up against.


Coutinho wasn’t right for Italian football. English football is perfect for him and he’d be a hit in Spain too IMO. But Italian football was too rigid for his talents.


Does Coutinho play centrally for Liverpool? He seems to have a free role or cuts in from the left when I’ve seen him. I reckon Ramsey would thrive in Klopp’s Liverpool side, with the onus on him being sole creator and free reign to get in the box often.

I just saw the Wales highlights and he’s given a like for like responsibility and it clearly suits him. Something we’ll never really see him doing for Arsenal, sadly.


Well on paper their front 3 is

Mane Firmino Countinho

don’t know how they actually play it in the game though



They are looking to sign Southampton’s Virgil van Dijk in January. €40,000,000 reported.


Great signing. He’s one of the best CBs in the league.


Ofcourse they are.
Southampton is like HR department for Liverpool.


Do the Liverpool scouts knows there are other teams besides Southampton?

But yeah, will be a great signing for whoever ends up signing him.


Southampton would be fucking mugs to sell him in January or to Liverpool.


They’d be mugs not to accept that type of figure for him as well. He’s good, but playing for Southampton isn’t the same as playing for Liverpool. We don’t know if he has the quality to handle playing at a higher level just yet.

I do rate him though.


The amount of money Liverpool spend on Southampton players, it would have been cheaper just to buy the whole club.


LOL O LOL. We got them good over that Suarez thing we did. :joy:


That’s a bit of a strange one tbh.

Going to start looking at Firmino with an entirely new perspective knowing we can never have him.


Good thing their scouts are wank.