Liverpool thread


I would have asked the Sun reporter ‘how’s your mum’ ? And then started with the mamma jokes, seriously need some humour in these threads - boring as fck !?


Of course he will because Sturridge will be injured. Actually, Sturridge should play for Arsenal.

On a more serious note, I’d like to see what Origi could do if he gets a significant run in the side (just not because of injury to someone else). I like the look of him.


Put him in my fantasy team had a quite a good run towards end of last season and has looked sharp in nearly all of their pre-season games.

Think he’ll have himself a very good season.


I’d love to put him in my fantasy team this year, but I can’t depend on Sturridge being injured all the time. But if it looks like Origi is going to get a good run I’ll probably try to fit him in. I did really well with Firmino late last year and I had him in my first lineup (I change about a thousand times before the season starts). But he’s more expensive this year and with Liverpool’s additions he may get more rotation. So I’m waiting to see. Liverpool’s defense will probably be crappy again, but they’ve got some attacking options.


Well that was difficult to read.

Lol jk scrolled through that


^ The Times ^

Liverpool Echo running an article that says Liverpool owners have dismissed reports of the bid but are open to selling a minority stake.




Well Rodgers did improve them for a good 18 months or so. Take those 18 months and compare them to Klopp so far and I guess you could say Rodgers did better?

They’ve made some good buys, I like Mane in for Ibe and Wijnaldum in for Allen, no fucking clue about Klavan in for Skrtel and with Benteke leaving and Sturridge still struggling I’d assume they would be introducing an attacker before the window shuts but I thought Klopp would be doing something a bit more… I dunno, cohesive I guess?

Lallana is still probably their best creative player - that can’t be right. The likes of Henderson and Milner can only get you so far, when you consider this guy had Sahin, Kagawa, Gundogan, Gotze, Mkhitaryan, I’m not really sure what they’re going for now.

So far I don’t think they’ve actually spent any money because alot of players have left for good fees and I’d imagine the likes of Toure and Skrtel were probably on more than the likes of Klavan and Matip. They must have room to flex a bit of financial muscle, surely?


Liverpool fans are worse than ours :wilshere:. Wasn’t he supposed to transform them in a “new Barcellona”? :coq:


My lolpool supporting friends really aren’t happy with Klopp. Although imo they should give him a good 3 or 4 years to build his team.


I think you’re forgetting the world’s best “new Zidane one of a kind King of the world better than a thousand Messi’s” Coutinho? Either way they’re judging Klopp after one defeat? I think Luca is right they’re worst fans than us, either that or they’re the most bi-polar fans in the world or both… yeah, probably both.


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Pretty bad timing that.


They’re inconsistent as hell. Not once did their win over us make me believe they’re making waves. This hope that the world often has of Liverpool going HAM always falls to pieces once everyone plays a decent amount of fixtures. They’ll go and thrash a big team away from home and then lose to West Brom.


Unreal! :joy::joy:


I love this so much



Klop just ended him. (Raymond Varjarn is his name or something)


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How good is Coutinho actually?He’s scoring golazos at a pretty consistent rate…it would seem at this point not to be some kind of fluke but rather the guy just has a pretty lethal shot on him.

How do people rate him/what do his statistics look like compared to others?


He seems to drift out of games to me at times, but his percentage of quality strikes are phenomal.
Thought he looked more complete when Suarez, Sturridge and Sterling attack. He seemed to show more vision for a pass.
Definitley got that in his game.
He stays fit for most of the season they will go closer to the title than us imo.