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Neither do I but I’m not a journalist with deadlines, click quotas and bills to pay. There’s a market for it especially in physical papers i guess


You’re fairly passionate about it considering that so. :slight_smile:


So everyone making a statement about anything has to be concerned with how it is perceived by some? Good to know.
The rest is just baseless speculation (very similar to the paper you’re defending here) rooted in your obvious dislike of the guy. I don’t like him either, but this is just utter nonsense. “Points with football hipsters”? Seriously?

So he is not really obliged to talk to the press at all? Can you please decide what you really want to say?
Because this looks like you are more concerned with Klopp not answering questions to a newspaper which has publicly shamed one of his players, than you are with that paper actually doing so. Klopp not answering questions of the Sun = poor form. Tabloid rag publishing most private stuff = totally aight.

Well, you said I didn’t know anything about football journalism, which implies that you do. You also mention, time and time again, that Klopp is obliged to answer questions and you are even so knowlegeable about this, that you can differentiate between varying degress of obligability:

[quote=“sevchenko, post:35, topic:130, full:true”]
Yes he is under an obligation to answer questions in a press conference especially when that question is concerned with the match that just happened and team news. [/quote]
So, according to you, he is under an obligation (by whom?) to answer any question at a press conference and even more so, when it’s match-related. You seem absolutely certain of your statements, could you maybe refer to a source for the regulations at pre-season friendlies?

The Sun were the ones who came up with it, others followed. I also don’t know why Klopp should give a shit about the “history of sensationalism” of this and other papers? What the Sun did right now was obviously enough for him (and the club) to draw the line. A player of his was personally shamed in public and he does not like it.

Not really butthurt, to be honest. I’m making fun of you, dude, because you publically defend the fucking Sun.


Confessing ‘making fun’ of someone over the internet hmmm… Don’t why you can’t discuss thing without any pathetic malice.

Well you do sound hurt, I’m not defending the Sun, I’m defending a journalist’s ability to gather information reagrdless of their affilation to a paper you don’t like to do their job properly AND highlighting the petty hypocrisy of Klopp


Watching all these quotes makes me miss Brady.


You’ve seemed a bit lost since he left lol, desperately seeking a new nemesis


The first team played Barca. The backup team played Mainz.


Oh, I absolutely can. But if you want a civil and friendly conversation, don’t start with something like this:[quote=“sevchenko, post:25, topic:130”]
If you knew anything about football journalism, you’d realise it’s a dick move and slightly unprofessional.

I think we just have a different view of what the yellow press is. For me, it’s a right-wing measure of control owned by guys like Rupert Murdoch, aimed at dividing its readership (the poor, by and large) into partisan groups constantly in altercations with each other, effectively keeping them from aiming at the ones in control; those who’ve made their lives miserable for decades. It pits men against women, resident people against immigrants and promotes nationalism, sexism and authoritarian societal views. To me, its one of the great ills of modern society. Somebody who’s working for “Bild”, the “Sun”, the “Mirror” and so on in a content-producing fashion is not a journalist, but a manipulative asshole without any sense of decency.
There really is no way to put it more politely, I’m afraid. They know exactly what they’re doing (are even trained to do so) and they do it anyway. I can more than understand when yet another article that wants to make money out of peoples’ suffering provokes a reaction from a manager.
Note that this is not directed at you, but at those media outlets.


You have expanded a relatively small issue into a completely different sphere of discussion. I have no interest in discussing press owner monopolies or subjectively wrong practices of tabloid papers on a football forum.

No asked for your grand statement on the pitfalls of modern Journalism and in the context of the original issue your summary doesn’t matter at all.


No one asked for you continued fight for the rights of tabloid newspapers either. The way you’re going at this, you’re probably working for that rag.
You’ve also failed to produce any backup for your statement that coaches are obliged to talk to every paper, and you were asked by many people, not just me. This would have actually been interesting information, had you managed more than your repeated claims. If you were so interested in keeping the discussion on track, why didn’t you bother to back up your claims?


Sevchenko says: A football journalist should be able to ask questions in a post match press conference to develop the angle on his article. He should be able to do this regardless of any other sensational stories his paper comes out with.

Others say: You’re passionately fighting for the rights of tabloids, you must work for the Sun.

Is this not commonly known? Because I’m sure it is. Any industry where there is regular press interaction there’s an expectation, be it formal or informal, to develop a relationship with papers through individual journalists.


Expectation does not equal obligation.

Also why are you referring to yourself in the third person? :laughing:


I couldn’t give two hoots either way tbh, but overall, since he’s been on our pleasant land, I think Mr Klopp has been a bit of a dick…

Anyway if Lovren hadn’t thought that the vag was greener, there would be nothing in this, another defensive error…


I remember some cartoon where an old geezer was hunting some mystic being. He finally catches it but lets it go after realising he has no other purpose on his life or something like that.

I felt I had no other purpose in this forum after Brady left.


Well Brady could at least quote properly :slight_smile:


Crap. Fixed it. Thanks.


[quote=“Trion, post:55, topic:130”]
I remember some cartoon where an old geezer was hunting some mystic being. He finally catches it but lets it go after realising he has no other purpose on his life or something like that.

I felt I had no other purpose in this forum after Brady left.
[/quote]I hope you’re not comparing Brady as some form of rare legendary Pokemon :joy:


[quote=“Mysty, post:58, topic:130, full:true”]

Oh was it in Pokemon? thought it was fishing related.
I remember only traces of that story, liked it but can’t remember any other detail of it.


It could be “the old man and the sea” in a slightly modified version



Do you guys think Origi is going to start over Sturridge?