Liverpool thread


You said he’s done nothing to prove he is better, I pointed out one thing that would count in his favour (whilst noting that it isn’t definitive by any stretch). You can either address that point or not, I don’t mind.


Just about finished above arsenal whilst going out of the domestic cups and not having my to play mid week, IMO that isn’t enough to claim he has shown he would do any better than wenger in his time in England


The end product would be the same. All our players dead by February, maybe even sooner.


Yeah that’s what I mean about it not being definitive, there are caveats which you point out. Though to be honest I’m not sure you’d be charitable enough to point out those caveats of the roles were reversed, but that’s probably besides the point.


Klopp has won back to back league titles in Germany competing with Bayern Munich in his defence, also made a CL final in recent times.


When wenger only had 1 other team to compete with he won quite a bit to funily enough


At least Wenger knows how to win a final.


FA cup Finals anyway. Anything else, not so much.


Tell the CL that :santi:



Klopp is probably a victim of his own success at BVB tbh.

He would be great here though. If only because he’s nuts and would definitely chin a stoke fan or two for booing Ramsey.


Have to say, this guy is brilliant. The most likeable manager in football atm.




Ja, Kloppo ist der besten komiker-fussball-trainer in die Welt. :kos2:


He looks a fool at times though :kos2:


Coutinho close to Barcelona according to them


Not really a surprise after yesterday’s result. They badly need him.




hmmmm this kinda sounds like Sanchez with his flu like illness and his little glum face and now his stomach strain hhmmmmmmm :bellerin:


Loophole to avoid getting fined I assume? Complicit with the manager who doesn’t want an unhappy player prior to window shutting?

I think AW left himself a sliver or excuse and opened the door to massive bid, which frankly was precisely how he should play it imho - I criticize him and the team a lot for their transfer policies and failures, but I think he is working the Sanchez situation perfectly (now that we got into the mess of 1 year left, but that is water under the bridge now).