Liverpool thread


They will drop points but we won’t be consistent enough to get the mid 70s required for top 4.


Last time Mane wasn’t available around the ACoN time, Liverpool looked horrendous. Massive player for them.


I’ve seen it said that the last league match Liverpool won without Mane starting was in May, i.e. last season


The fact that we are talking about pinning our hopes to injuries to Liverpool players for us to get a top four place shows how desperate we have become.


Don’t care how we get 4th tbh as long as we get it.


I know, but just need to get the job done. The other supporters would think the same if Sanchez and Ozil got injured.


Mane’s season over. Henderson and Lallana still out, and Coutinho is too ill to train. The wheels are coming off. Top 4 here we come :grin:


We’d destroy them if we had the same opponents left, but sadly I don’t have much hope of us winning against either Man United or Spurs, so Liverpool will need to slip a few times more. Not impossible to catch them but we’ll probably have to rely more on us to do so and not on them.


None of that fancy passing and tekkers rubbish, get in their faces, kick 'em, make 'em feel pain.

The future of English football is very safe hands. Nice one Stevie.


Training every day will consist of two drills.

  1. Twatting it into the top corner from 35 yards.
  2. Pairing up and standing 60 yards apart and pinging balls at each other.


.3. Making sure you have appropriate footwear



Wait what?


Ooh, I wonder why.:facepalm:


I love the way they give us the position difference as opposed to the more meaningful points difference. haha


We are coming :santi2:


See your dad’s taking the divorce well


What a signing


Second times the charm I guess.


What was his scoring/assist record at Roma?