Liverpool thread



For all the talk of their failings and fading, they are only 1 point behind us and realistically their goal was top 4 this year. They need more depth and I am shocked they didn’t at least try to address that some this winter, but the fact is they could still find their way into top 4 and aren’t in total crisis like some are saying, and certainly not more so than us.


WTF!? They haven’t won a single Premier League in 2017. They are going through a big crisis.


They’ll probably just sneak in anyway.


They have also played kids on at least one occasion. Point is, if they are in colossal crisis and in the midst of that, are only one point behind us, let’s put it in perspective. Their ambitions were never the title this year. They get a couple of results and suddenly no crisis… our situation is different because we have been expecting progress for ~5 years. Klopp still has until October before he is Anfiled for 2 years…


Ok, they are only 4 points behind us, but c’mon, you can’t deny they are going through a big crisis.


They are in a massive rut ATM, if they don’t make the top 4 I’d say the season is s failure.


Every team is in “crisis” at one point or another during the season, sometimes multiple - it is the long haul that matters… every team and fan feels it more acutely DURING the crisis, but in the end teams tend to find their level over 38 games. I reckon 'Pool is 4-6th place team at worst and this year the top 4 is no guarantee for anyone bar Chelsea.


Lol Arsenal are shit though, if you are an aspiring top team and you aren’t even ahead of us you are really crap.


ummm yeah… ok…


Liverpool’s first league win in 2017, a very much needed win, thankully doing us a favour and stopping the scum.

Also means Klopp retains his unbeaten run against top 6 sides.


No shock that result as Liverpool don’t lose big games and I can’t remember Spurs ever winning at Anfield.


Spuds were shit. Lucky to lose by only two goals. And that dirty little fucker Alli, or whatever his fucking name is, got found out today. Cunts, all of 'em.


Liverpool only have City/Arsenal out of the top 6 to play. Spurs only have Arsenal/United to play.

We have United/City/Liverpool/Spurs left to play and Southampton/Stoke away games.

Both are definitely in a better position than us considering that.


Yeah us and United are in the worst positions, United still have to go to City/ Arsenal/ Tottenham and host Chelsea ( though Chelsea will have the league won by then )


Yeah that’s 6 games where I’d be happy to take 8 points because that’s the best we’ll be able to do.


Considering Liverpool’s record against big teams that’s definitely a good thing. The more matches they have left against shit teams the more points they’ll drop :smirk:


Remember, it’s only “all on paper” at this point.



If we get our act together maybe this is this last chance we have for top 4. As he is Liverpool’s key player. without him they are worse team…


Lallana out too hopefully for a little bit. That’s enough of their good core that it might affect them. If we get our act together I think we can overtake them. They’re the kind of team that will lose to teams like Palace. They’ll throw some points away before the end of the season, I’m pretty sure of that. It’s just whether we can capitalize which feels unlikely now but if we get a couple of wins who knows.