Liverpool - Arsenal (Premier League)




If there was ever a game to showcase everything wrong with Arsenal FC as a whole it’s this one. Not sure I ever thought being an Arsenal fan would feel like such a hopeless endeavour. It should sound strange saying that because we have still managed to win our domestic cup consistently, but it doesn’t. Rock bottom.

Giving Arsene Wenger a new contract says so much about how wrong the people in charge are for this club.


Every time I think I have sufficiently lowered my expectations, I am wrong…


Oh thank God it’s over.


I’m done.


So shit and no one to blame but wenger


Not a single shot on goal. :joy::rofl:


16th in the league after three games

SIXTEENTH :joy::see_no_evil:


Relegation battle against Bournemouth in september! :henry2:


What amazes me is that from three of our own corners they scored three goals.

I was watching the team made Liverpool look special.


Stage 4 is where i start lately.


Basically this reminds me of the 11/12 season with all our key players about to leave and copping early season pastings.


Had that same dread of this game I had of CL games against the big boys and didnt let me down. 4 games against Klopp, lost 3 drew 1 and 14 goals conceded. Talk about a manager never learning or adapting.
People said last season better Wenger than an unkown as he can at least get a big name on reputation. Id refute that fully now and say its why we wont.


Absolutely fucking furious! I went to Liverpool for this game! It was embarrassing! Salah’s goal especially, I could have scored that - our defence was embarrassing!

But hey, We don’t need any more players. Fuck the whole club! I’m a Newcastle fan now.


what makes it worse is that we are LUCKY to be 16th, we nearly didnt win against leicester either!


Newcastle, eh? Glutton for punishment, are we?



Just looked at the table and picked a team above us - I was spoilt for choice to be fair, but Newcastle was first name I noticed


This is as bad as the Man U thrashing when we lost 8-2, except we had several second string players playing in that game and had an excuse.

We are way behind all the other top clubs in terms of top quality players and ambition and it showed in this game.

This is a complete shambles and anyone thinking this is a one off, they haven’t seen anything yet.

Too many players who don’t want to be here, a complete lack of top quality players and no more signings that are going to make any difference.

We also have a manager who is responsible for this stagnation and who has no intention of changing or learning from his mistakes.

What a mess.


I’ve said it before, everyone is moving forward and with pace, we are stalling at best. The gap is opening. Progress is happening and there is a guy at the helm of this club stuck in the past. The longer he lingers around, the further and deeper in the mud we are gonna get stuck.


don’t understand the point of buying players if we won’t play them.