Liverpool - Arsenal (Premier League)


You lot are well overreacting about the line up. Its the strongest we have had this season.


Toughest game of the season so far, £50m striker fit, best attacker also fit, Mustafi fit, Kolasnic fit. The teamsheet picks itself, but Wenger…


Sure because of Sanchez but it isn’t the strongest one possible by a long shot.

Because Laca, Kolasinac and Mustafi out are huge misses.

Fuck knows how Bellerin continues to blag his place in the team.


Mustafi is gone

Liverpool away too big of a game for Laca to start. Still needs time.


Think you’re given him way too much credit here.


Mustafi seems off perhaps, however, the Laca argument is a very poor one.

He’s a seasoned player having played in the Champions league, is a France international I don’t buy it whatsoever.


I can see the logic in the Welbz starting. If we’ve set up to counter attack/press that suits Welbz well, you can cout on him to put in a proper shift in the final third probably more so than Laca who was pretty quiet last match

In theory Welbeck should be extra focused and motivated to perform after being given an immediate chance to redeem his performance against Stoke.

He’ll know all eyes are on him, He’ll know he’s starting ahead of a £50m signing. This should make him give all he’s got today. If he plays well and scores it’s brilliant management from Wenger but if he doesn’t Wenger is an out of touch dinosaur.


maybe was forced to buy him and you will slowly see him go the way of perez.


Late ref change at Anfield. Martin Atkinson out, Craig Pawson in.

We have a chance now!


Screw all that tbh.

Webelck is what he is he will never be a clinical striker or someone that is fit to lead the line of a top team on a consistent basis, Lacazette would work hard also being far more likely to score.

Liverpool is the kind of game you want to play someone like Laca there’s little doubt about that.


I would have started Laca too if I was the manager but I’m not. all I’m saying is that I can see the thinking behind it


I get you’re trying to rationalise it but to me it’s just mental gymnastics.

With everyone fit Welbeck shouldn’t be given the chance to redeem himself he’s not the solution at CF whatsoever.

When everyone is fit he shouldn’t be starting.


People trying to make sense Wenger’s decision, when the answer is as simple as “Cause Wenger is fucking clueless”.

That answer can be applied to most of Arsenal’s problem. Why is our defence shit? Cause Wenger is fucking clueless. Why is our transfer policy so bad? Cause Wenger is fucking clueless. Why our stars want to leave? Cause Wenger is fucking clueless.



Adaption phase is a bit like the hunger index no?

Absolute bullshit.


Garbage. you don’t spend that amount of money on a player if you can start him in away games. Playing the guy that couldn’t score in a whorehouse ahead of him is dumb.


This has become pure comedic relief


Hey, it’s another nice turn of phrase to add to his precedented collection of Arsenal narrative tbh.


as i said earlier, a soundbite that sounds rational on the face of it but in reality is utterly fucking shit. So sick of this narcissist cant wait for the day he fucking leaves. Our limp wristed wanking board though will probably give him a seat upstairs so he buggers about with the next managers setup.


I guess Kolašinac is in the adaption phase too, he’s adapting as a full back but was totally ready as a CB.