Liverpool - Arsenal (Premier League)


Ugh. Can’t get excited about this match at all.


Rumour has it Mignolet isn’t in the squad today so Hot Karius will start. Replacing an average goalkeeper with an even worse one :raised_hands:


Yeah I’m having a really Shit time of it so it’s gonna be a Liverpool win


This is the Arsenal. We do our very best to give average keepers their chance at experiencing what it’s like to be world class.


Oh cool, that’s 7 points off the bench from Rob Elliot for me. :smiley:


Yawn. A defeat for sure.






“Still, somehow, the best Liverpool v Arsenal moment by a country mile.”

Fake News Alert ^^


Pundits on my Chelsea stream also said Oxlade doesn’t start.


^^^^ FUCK YASSS! Got Charlie Daniels sitting on my FPL bench with those 7 points. No Ox means he’ll be subbed onto my team.


Any news on Mustafi starting?


Lol Welbeck


No sign of Mustafi so guessing it’s true he is off


Wenger badly needs to win this game even this early on to keep the pressure off him with disgruntled fans. With him more then likely not making any new additions and him more then likely losing OX (whatever you think of him losing him to Chelsea or Liverpool doesn’t look good on us). It could turn nasty for him.

I just can’t see us coming out of this with anything, could see a 5-1 beaten been handed to us but wouldn’t be shocked if we won it either, our side is so inconsistent it’s crazy. We got as strong as squad as them but they are a better managed team. Mane and Firminho are on top form, Salah Is looking a good signing for them, Their Midfield is strong. But their defence and GK are as weak as ours. If Alexis is on top form and our defence has a good day we win this. But I think Liverpool win this quite comfortably 3-1.


No idea why Alexis is starting. We won’t be able to handle the famous Liverpool-Klopp long balls with him on the pitch.


Still Welbeck FFS!



Wenger setting up the team to counter press?

Good chance for Welbeck to redeem himself. Massive opportunity.