Liverpool - Arsenal (Premier League)


I don’t drink but arsenal might drive me to drink and hardcore drugs or even suicide if watch to many games


Exactly. After that shit show I witnessed I downed about 10 shots! Also, I’ve been in Liverpool. It’s nice to be able to buy a drink for less than a fiver!


Lol we are, I could tell that was a drunken rage rant :smile:


Who wants to come to a club in demise?


Piers Morgan is a cunt though.


Ya know what…its not the worst idea.


Liverpool look a very good team, Mane really is a talent. But we made them look like Real Madrid, they won’t have a easier game all season. They play for their manager. Fully expect them to get top 4 again. As for us, I’m not shocked or hurt anymore, fully expected this result. You can tell half that team doesn’t want to be here anymore, Wenger knows it but doesn’t want to admit defeat. Ox, Mustafi, Bellerin, Ozil look like guys just waiting for their time to come. Alexis gave it a go but his heart set somewhere else. I’m sure one or two others on longer contracts come end of next season will hand in transfer requests. Fully expect a few more results like this over the next month or two.


All I could think at the end of the game was how relived I was were not in the champions league this season. Had that same dread yesterday that I have when we play the elite in that comp.


I’m just awaiting the generic, bullshit regurgitated article on the BBC Sport website entitled ‘where do arsenal go from here?’ written by Phil McNulty or some other gobshite


Can’t really articulate my verdict. So this will have to suffice


Wow, maybe Alexis did care after all


How can he get so mad still lol. Hugh Wizzy is a great YouTuber though always love watching his rants as he gets proper into them and in parts sounds like he’s going insane :joy:


Hugh Wizzy is a knobhead.


Yesterday is one of those days makes me relieved I have other interests outside of Arsenal. Been so busy over the last few weeks I completely forgot we’d even played until I stumbled across the results. When I saw the result late last night, I didn’t think it would go well, but to see 4-0, and read we’d not had a single shot on target, I couldn’t help but laugh really.

I felt nothing really. Normally I’d be excited for a game like Liverpool vs Arsenal days leading up to it, but I didn’t have good feelings about it, nor did I feel particularly bothered about wanting to see the game. Instead, making the most of this nice weather and enjoying racing makes feels less horrendous for me.

Like I said end of last season, I still, and will always love Arsenal, but I’m no longer prepared to make time for majority of the games while we’re still under Wenger. My enjoyment has been sigificantly ruined by this man, which is ironic given it was the total opposite all them years ago.

Today is the 6th ‘anniversary’ since that horrenous 8-2 defeat to Man Utd. And literally very little has changed since that day. We’ve tried so many different things, but the madness stays the same. Just feels pointless getting angry, or anything over us right now, when we know Wenger won’t get the sack, and nothing will change. It’s groundhog day all the time with this club, there’s no other like it. It’s a shame us fans have to suffer the most from it.

It’s a very lackluster time unfortunately being an Arsenal fan. If you have other interests besides Arsenal, I would very much suggest doing that, and then your weekends won’t feel as bad or wasted on this sorry lot, who time and time again can’t seem to pull their sorry asses out from this mess.


I feel nothing when we lose now :joy:! I will always try to watch the matches though.

When we were playing Stoke two weekends ago I tried and failed to get my BT app to load on the hotel WiFi I was staying at for my friends wedding hah but the results don’t bother me now. I laughed more than got angry yesterday lol.


I switched off after 10 mins or so. Didn’t even have to wait till 1st goal to know this had loss written over it.


Time to focus on Formula 1. It’s gonna be a hell of a fight between Lewis and Seb until the end of the season :wink:


I don’t even think we’re going to get the usual round of panic buys. I think this is our season. Hope I’m wrong.


Relieved to have missed this game, was in hospital instead


You ok now?