Ligue 1 Thread


Definitely better than moving within the PL. If he does well ManUtd have pretty much every right reserved to take him back, so it’s basically a more expensive loan agreement, similar to how Morata moved to Juventus.


I don’t know why you bother @Burgundy. Didn’t you know the PL is the only good league in the world and player can be judged to have any quality unless he’s been a massive success in the PL. Bernardo Silva is a talent playing in the sub standard French league, he would never be able to do this in England where all 20 teams have immense quality.



He’s gonna do well here. It is his level.


Lacazette, 2-0 and that should be game over.

No sign of Memphis yet.


Monaco :cech:. They are gonna torn City’s defence apart with that attack :giroud:



Made his debut. But I felt like by going there he was going to be in a fight for minutes anyway with Cornet and Valbuena almost always playing when available.


Incredible goalkeeping error seconds before half time allows Falcao to score :joy:


^^^ PSG Got Guedes…fucking hell, was really hoping we were looking at him. PSG are buying up everyone fucking cuntholes! What do you expect of Mendes though fucking money whore…its only big clubs which spend STUPID money and Mourihno he whores his players to so not surprising.


Marseille spending their new money real well…


They got new billionaire owners or something?


Not sure if their new owners are super rich but they plan to invest and said 75m would be available for this winter window.


Regardless of Mendes I don’t think this club will deal with Portuguese clubs anyway. Hard bargainers, third party ownership; too much of a fuss. Or the clubs’ scouting doesn’t rate players from there.


Guedes was a great deal though, €25m + a few €m in bonuses for a 20 year old is very good business for PSG.

Though this could be Mendes doing a favour for PSG to allow Di Maria to leave because there’s been some talk the past few weeks that he’s had an offer from China he wanted to accept but PSG rejected.



Serri 2-0

Really annoying that I can’t find any good, solid streams for this one, because Nice are playing some brilliant football.

3-1 Balotelli


Mad Mario! :smiley:



Monaco keeping it safe in the first half. P.S.G. with the better chances.
Double massive chance for Monaco here. Great movement and shot by Falcao.
Monaco dangerous again. They are starting to come out of their shell now.
Trapp injured, Areola on.
Di Maria on as well.
Ah fuck! It would have been a nice goal by Monaco.
Pep is watching it.
Monaco are cleary dominating now. P.S.G. are just having some counter attacks.


FFS penalty to PSG