Ligue 1 Thread



We can use some of that one-on-one ablity. This would probably be my number one transfer next summer. But Wenger probably needs to put 50 million down to get him…


Agent :kosc: at work :santi2:


Monaco and Nizza play today.
1-0 Monaco HT.
What a comeback for Toulouse! 3-1 FT for them and big gift to Nice.
1-0 Nice HT. Balotelli with a decisive assist.
2-0 Nice FT. They are leading with a 4-point gap now.


Rampant Monaco destroy Montpellier 6-2 and go only one point behind Nice.


Mbappe with his first goal too I believe.


Good to see Falcao back amongst the goals.


Mbappe drew the penalty for Monaco’s first, scored their second, and assisted their fourth.

He has hardly played this season, for reasons unclear to me, but that is a pretty good argument for more time on the pitch.

I’d love to see us buy him next summer if he develops well this year.


Nice still top of the league after beating 4-2 Metz.


Nice 26 points from 10 games is an outstanding effort.


Cavani sitter


God, P.S.G. are truly average under Emery. Hopefully we can take advantage of it when we play them at Emirates.


P.S.G. beat Lille thanks to Cavani, but they still look average.


Hope Nice do a Leicester!


Wow at Nice! And crazy Mario has scored again :smiley:


That’s the thing about Mario Balotelli. There is an obvious talent in there, just a shame it is governed by an immature brain.


What position did Nice finish last season ? They are in Europa League yes ? So must have been top 6 or so.




What’s the secret to their success? The only player I know from them other than Balotelli and Koziello is Belhanda. Do they have good defenders too? Another good creative player?


After going to Nice for the Euro’s, Ive been following them a bit this season. Great to see them at the top.