Ligue 1 Thread


Is it may already ?


C’mon, Lyon can’t afford to drop any point against P.S.G.


Honestly, there’s no race to be part of in the first place, PSG will cruise this.


Another defeat for Nice: 3 in 4 now.


Monaco already 1-0 up. Header from Glik from a free kick from Lemar. Who should already have another assist, but they hit the post.


4-0 first half, Marseille being thumped.


Three new starting players in comparison with last season, but they haven’t missed a beat yet.


What a first half by Monaco! :cech:
6-1 FT for Monaco. Jardim is a wizard.


The amount of good u-23 players Monaco found since they hired Vasilyev and their spending was cut short by FFP is quite impressive.

Fabinho, Bernardo Silva, Bakayoko, Lemar, Sidibe, Mendy, Jorge, Diakhaby, Kongolo, Tielemans. Mbappe from their youth ranks. Carrasco earlier. That’s not even the whole list. Makes you wonder what other clubs are doing.


Lille-Bordeaux and Metz-P.S.G. today. Guess Mbappè is gonna play.




Depending on which Cavani turns up at the big moments, that’s a CL winning team


Yup, it’s a very strong and stacked squad.

But still some way off Madrid’s which is crazy.


That front 4 :heart_eyes:


meh, we have a better squad! :henry2:


Cavani still the weak link. That team is stacked, and Veratti not even in the lineup.


Their team is quite imbalanced. Can imagine some of their games ending 5-2 etc.

That attack though :giroud3:


Basically a 4-0-6. No DM. Meanwhile, Bielsa 0-0 FT. He won’t last until the end of the season.


Their keeper is a bit of a tit though


Well, 1-1 so far. Not bad!