Ligue 1 Thread




Bet that is what that GK is thinking too!! :henry2:


Fekir is your boy, looks like he hasn’t lost a step from that injury eh?


FFS Lyon! Lose a 3-1 lead. 3-3 FT.


Why does it piss you off?


Just a feeling :smiley:


First wins for Nice and Nantes.


This was the equaliser :giroud3:


Lille, Marseille and P.S.G. should all win today.


1-0 Caen at HT. Bielsa being Bielsa once again.
Another home defeat for Bielsa. 2-0 Caen FT.


Marseille 1-1.
P.S.G. 2-1 up at HT. Neymar again and then Rabiot.



Fucking hell! 6-2 P.S.G FT though.


What a free transfer he’s turning out to be


Pastore’s goal was even better. (And that corner goal-- Neymar’s delivery :open_mouth: and Kurzawa’s finish)

I wonder why Pastore is content to stay at PSG where he’s just kind of a fringe player. Seems like his talent is bigger than that.


If he hadn’t missed the majority of the last two seasons he’d probably have more takers, he’s said to be on the list of guys free to leave.


Not a credible sporting reason , but he’s a fan favorite at PSG, gets acclaimed like no one else before and during the game.


P.S.G. are just too strong. 3-0 against St. Etienne.


They are going to breeze to the title. It’s probably too much too ask from Monaco to repeat last season. Especially since they lost, or are going to lose, five starting players.


Lyon 0-0 FT. Out from the title race.