Ligue 1 Thread


Too many dinners with Wenger


And yet we are not getting him :mustafi:


Dont need him :laca:


C’mon Guingamp! :wink:


Looking forward to watching Neymar. Hope he bosses it.


Neymar starting with some of his tricks.
Guingamp don’t look like they can threaten P.S.G.
Chance for Cavani. Neymar started the move.
Neymar bottles it :smiley:
Can’t believe P.S.G. haven’t scored yet. They haven’t had many chances, but they are 3 levels above Guingamp at least.
Neymar is eager to impress.
Neymar is the only one who is trying to create something.
0-0 HT. Neymar 8

The rest 4/5


Di Maria almost costed P.S.G. a goal with a stupid trick.


:joy::joy: at that own goal.


It looks Guingamp are playing to allow P.S.G score another one.
Cavani ahahha!
Good old Cavani. Need 5 chances to score 1. 2-0.
And now Cavani misses a backheel.


Such an easy league for PSG


Guingamp have given up.
So easy. 3-0 Neymar.
3-0 FT for P.S.G.



Monaco are the current champions though


He’ll probably be worth the fee in the end, but going to PSG isn’t great for Neymar attention wise. Ligue 1 doesn’t get much attention outside of France and therefore what he does won’t get as much publicity as a Prem or La Liga player. Unless he’s the type to prefer less pressure


Neymar left Barca because he was envious of Messi.


Metz-Monaco today.


0-0 at HT.
El Tigre! 1-0. Bit of a lucky goal, tbh.
Lemar looks very lively :sanchez2: :hipster:
Monaco win. 3 out of 3 for them so far.


Monaco are doing well to win games consistently given how many players they have lost.




Lyon leading Bordeaux 2-1 at HT, but they are 1 man down.