Ligue 1 Thread


P.S.G. 0-0 at HT.
P.S.G. won the French Cup thanks to an own goal, lol!


90th minute own goal at that, headed it into his own net :eyes: Savage


According to Bouhafsi both Barcelona and PSG are after Seri…


Lyon President Aulas has received a phone call from Bayern Munich for Corentin Tolisso, according to BeIN Sports

— Get French Football (@GFFN) 5 juni 2017

I thought Tolisso to Juventus was pretty much done. Has somebody an idea why that broke down?


Lyon’s asking price was too high.


Sincerly in Italy anyone talked about this rumor… Tolisso has been set to join Juventus only on Twitter between Arsenal fans.


French super cup in 30 minutes, Monaco v PSG.


1-0 Monaco at HT thanks to Sidibe.


Dani Alves :open_mouth:


He is capable of these goals.


First “title” for P.S.G.


I’m very interested to see how he does and if he makes PSG better in the CL


Probably entirely fitting that their Twatter announcement is in English.


id laugh so much if he flops for them in the same way di Maria flopped for Manu. Imagine buying a player like this and they keep on failing constantly. I know how unlikely it is, but it would be joyous to watch.


Doesn’t need it’s own thread. he’s only one cunt.


They have a very strong squad now tbh. Can see them winning the CL within the next year or two. Every position seems covered. They just need a mental change; Alves and Neymar will bring that and more.

Still, hate everything they represent as a club. Just a shame Monaco have been raided.


Booo! R.I.P football.


Has the official PSG Twitter photoshopped him into a PSG shirt?



Ligue 1 starts today with Monaco vs Toulouse.