Ligue 1 Thread


Risky by Monaco. Thanks god they won in the end.


Seems like neither Monaco or PSG are slipping up in this title run in.


Matudi’s done a Welbeck


Fucking P.S.G.!


This kid…


are we sure this guy is not a real life Thierry Henry regen??


Fuck he’s such a jet.


soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo badly want him here, he would smash shit up, second coming of henry he has that exact smug swagger about him also but alas i reckon his destination is RM, BUT then again they are meant to be after Hazard so who knows


This kid is going to be a special kind of special. No doubt about it.


Heard about this guy in early September last year and just knew he was gonna be the next breakout star.

Hope he stays at Monaco or joins one of Spain’s big 2. Do not want him in the PL.


Unless he is with us of course! :henry2:

Heck if Sanchez does not sign his contract i would be willing to swap him for this kid and maybe even pay a bit on top.


Mbappe against Juventus’s defence is gonna be a great test for him.


P.S.G.-Monaco 5-0 in the French Cup semifinal :cech:


Mbappe strikes again!
3-1 FT for Monaco. The title is getting closer and closer.


Nice winning 2-0 :open_mouth:, maybe I’ll turn this game on then


CRAZY MARIO! :giroud2:
Thiago Silva pulls one back.
Motta off!
Game over! 3-1 Nice :smile: Di Maria off as well :wilshere:. P.S.G. have lost the plot :arteta:


Great season for Nice & Favre, Monaco 3 points ahead of PSG with a game in hand, can’t see them throwing the title now.


Congrats to Monaco, deserved title victory.


Does anyone think Di Maria was slightly frustrated at the end of yesterday’s game? :joy: