Leicester City


Ok, fair enough. Missed it because i didn’t follow that much this transfer saga in the end.


With or without mid-week games they weren’t getting close to last season and only have 4 points from 4 this season. They started the season playing out of their skin hoping to survive relegation. They had teams not respect them and played down to their level, basically giving them points. And then they had no competition but the PL to worry about in the run in. They played out of their skin continually playing every game like a cup final. Plus they had no injuries. That’s something they could never maintain.

They’re a decent side though


Agree with all of that. Said something similar on the old OA. They basically had a free run almost for the first 3 months of last season because no one took them serious enough. By the time teams took notice, Leicester were in full beast mode.

This season is going to be very tough for them. Teams will be aware of their counter attacking style of play and make it much tougher. They might as well go as far as they can in the CL for the prestige, and the fact they may not get there again for a very long time, if at all.


What if they win the CL?


Ranieri will be the best manager off all time if that happens


Fair play to them. They won’t though.


You’re literally the most optimistic Irishman I’ve ever met.



Not the best start in the league for them but on today’s showing it looks like they have a Slimani lining.


Should have been “Slimani chance” tbqfm8 :welbeck:


Their title win is looking more and more of a total one off. They’re getting battered at times this season. I think they’ve already lost as many games as they managed the whole of last season.


They are looking at a 10th or so place finish this season IMO, still that would be no worse than Chelsea’s Title defence last term.


Christ, they are looking like a joke in the League this season. Already lost 7 games! The rate they’re going, they could end up being the first champions since Man City in 1938 to go down the following season.

Unbelieveable how much they fluked last year. I’d have thought at the very least they’d remain top 10 this season. Just shows you the effect of having to deal with European games as well.


They are in a serious relegation battle, I think they will survive though as we already have 2 near certainties to go down in Hull & Swansea.


That it does. Europe is a blessing and a curse.

I’m gutted the fairytale couldn’t last longer, still a story and an experience their fans will never forget and that’s what football is all about!


Can we buy Mahrez off them given their state?


Lets fucking hope so.


Mahrez had a fluke season. We were all fooled. Not worth it


I still rate Mahrez, Vardy was the one that had the serious fluke season.


I know. But I am desperate after Cazorla’s injury.

Having no one besides Alexis & Ozil who knows what creativity is, will make rest of season dire as heck.