Leicester City vs Arsenal (Premier League)


I had Giroud at first, but I don’t think he’ll be ready or useful against Morgan and Huth. Sadly all we have is Theo as I have no faith in Akpom to make an instant impact.


I agree but early season can be cagey and ugly and people will be afraid to take too many risks and be caught out. While everyone expects another high-scoring affair (which may come to pass), it would not shock me to see a 1-1 or 2-1 type of scoreline… or even 1-0 honestly.


Is Giroud available? If he is id actually start him and maybe use Theo as the impact sub with his speed. Its not ideal as i’m not keen on Theo up front but his pace could hurt them after 70 mins.

Agree about Apkom. I’m not convinced with him but there is every chance he might well be thrown in at the deep end at some point and we need to know whether he is ready.

Obviously the ideal scenario would be to be 4-0 up with 30 minutes left and let Apkom loose to show what he can do, if anything!


Yea, that’s leaving psychological effects aside and I’m sure that will have an effect on the players as losing twice isn’t going to push you ahead on the confidence side, but over a full season any game you go for a draw is just a waste of points. I’d rather lose a game during a 38 games league campaign while trying to win than draw a game because we never tried.


Yes, ox deserves to start! hopefully wenger will never play alexis as a striker again… :facepalm:


Have i got this right, So if we get to the last game of the season needing a point you’d rather we went for the win and lost than got the draw?


Completely agree and it is one of the reasons that I feel Fergie was the ultimate and best Prem League manager of all time - you can caveat all you want about his funds and advantages, but he always played for the win and it was thrilling and effective.


I think you got it wrong lol.


Nah, that’s not the point of my post. It’s about maximizing the points you gain over a full season and not about specific scenarios. My thoughts are that a win is worth 3 draws and if let’s say you turn 3 draws into 3 wins, you’d need 9 (or 6 additional) draws over the full season to equal that.

You can win a game and lose 2 while trying and still have the same amount as drawing them would have given you, which makes playing for a draw rather redundant from a mathematical point of view.


Got ya now, was just a bit confused with your first post :+1:


When you look at how thin the margins are in a title winning campaign it really is ludicrous that we only decide to clock in around mid September - early October.



If we get Ozil, Kos and Giroud back for this, then I think we might sneak a result. usually tends to be the case when expections are low on us, we end up pulling off a result.

Mind you with Leicester losing the opening match and playing their first home game of the season, this will be a fierce contest. 3-2 to Arsenal.


Got a feeling we will lose 3-1

Vardy x 2
Mahrez x 1

Ox x 1


We should go there and play like we did away to Citeh last season. Sit back, let them have the ball, and then punish them on the break.

But we wont, we’ll do the exact opposite :slight_smile:


We should play like that against everyone because we have the best #10 in the world, great speed on the wings and a striker that is at his best finishing balls coming from wide with runs at the near post.


Not sure how I think this will go. Leicester didn’t look good against Hull, but they’ll no doubt be a bit better at home.

Hopefully Ozil and Koscienly start again for us.


At home but also against a team that is not going to cede possession and Leicester are at their best when playing their direct game.

Think we lose but if we end up winning Walcott will have played a big role in that.


Alex Ox--------Walcott--------Sanchez

Same defense bar Nacho who looked a step off the pace last week. We should have a lottle more control of the match with a better ball retaining and playing midfield. Nothing but pace up front. 3 - 1 to The Arsenal.


Mahrez to score for sure, isn’t he?