Laurent Koscielny (6)


Yeah haw


That’s the thing with him. He’s prone to make these exact mistakes on a somewhat regular base.


As much as I love the boss, he rarely seems to have something like this in his locker. But tbh in no way does it detract from his otherwise astounding level as a defender.


Thought he was a bit all over the place today tbh.


When was the last time he made this kind of mistake let alone it being a regular occurrence?


Giving away a penalty and getting sent of vs City? If I’ve remembered that incident correctly? (Or was that Mertesacker?)

He used to make this kind of mistake semi-regularly. I reckon he’s down to about one a season now


I don’t have exact dates or games. I don’t know if it’s him and/or the system, but this is a weakness in his game.


Yeah although was three years ago to be fair.

I can’t agree with that because it does not happen on a regular basis, all defenders make mistake that’s the game. It used to be an issue yes but he’s ironed them out for quite a while now.


Oh yeah I can totally believe it was a few seasons ago, it was just the most recent/obvious one that sprung to mind. I wasn’t coming at it from the angle of trying to disagree, probably more the opposite actually :+1:


Koscielny has indeed ironed it out & like every defender, he will have one or two howlers a season. Definitely not a regular thing though.

That Carling cup fuck up is still embedded in people’s mind.


I heard something like an attacker has 89 poor minutes, people are more inclined to remember the 1 good minute.

A defender has 89 good minutes, people will remember the 1 bad minute.

It sort of rings true imo.


Well yeah. That one bad minute can cost you the game, whilst the one good minute can win the game


Even the best can make a mistake. It’s how you react that show how great you are.


Great news!


Yes! Da Boss! :giroud2:




Fuckin’ excellent


2020 would take him nicely to earning a testimonial, great stuff :slight_smile:


4 years down the line…“FFS Why’d we give him a 4 year contract? He was 31. Stop being cheapskates and buy a fucking defender!”


Brilliant news! :slight_smile:


For some reason this is kinda unexpected but great news all the same. I’m not even sure why I find it a little surprising.