Laurent Koscielny (6)




He just stop his opponents with his eyes :ozil2:


Are those stats actually good?


Best CB in the league.

I don’t see they can’t be, considering how much of a committed tackler and proactive defender he is to give away just two fouls in eight games shows he is incredibly immaculate with his defending.


Ferdinand had an incredible record of committing just one foul in 20 or so game.
Quality defenders don’t have to rely on fouling.


“If I have to make a tackle I’ve already made a mistake”

Then surely if you don’t time that tackle perfectly, it’s horrific.

Well done Kosc


Koscielny: “Fight on the pitch. Win my duels. Show my teammates that they can count on me. It is my performances that show my leadership.”


The quiet hero. Say no more Laurent, we will obey.

He’s definitely leading by example in that respect, seems to have had a turn around this season big time.



Gary Cahill is better :xhaka:


Maybe on FIFA 12 :wilshere:


I would say Koscielny is probably the one of the current squad most likely to go down in ‘Legendary status’


If ever a player deserved a league title, it’s this guy. Total hero.


And to think I was scared about him getting Tony Adams’ 6 shirt back when he signed.


He should have been named captain.


Considering how he’s got us top four on multiple occasions I’d say it’s a forgone conclusion.


Love you Kos but that was one fucking dumb arse challenge you did today.


Terrible challenge and an absolute gift at a crucial stage of the game, I won’t be too hard on him because it’s simply out of character.

I think it shines a light on how we lack tactically that Dembele was able to run unimpeded into the box in the first place.


Honestly it was kind of a weak penalty to give. Their feet made contact but he wasn’t even facing goal and he was barely like a yard into the box moving sideways. I’ve seen the ref wave those off and tell the attacker to get up and get on with it.


tbf it was a pen. first mistake he’s made all season though sadly it cost us the three points.


No it wasn’t lol