Laurent Koscielny (6)


lol haha yes I meant it as “well it doesn’t make immediate sense but I mean if it works it’d be great” :smiley:


Yeah that DM role is way more than just being a good mobile tackler that protects the back four. You can just play 3 at the back for that with the central man being a sweeper style defender.

At a team like Arsenal, the defensive side of the role might actually take up less of the overall job than the ball playing side of the role.

DM’s are still proper central midfielders that can keep the ball under pressure, retain possession and can supply. How can we expect all that from an orthodox CB?


Even if he could do that role footballistically I wouldn’t want to give a player that’s starting to decline and has dodgy muscles more running about to do



Interesting that Mustafi’s face is there. He would be a better fit if anyone could make the transition. He’s pretty decent at the ball distribution side of the DM role. Although another problem I have with it is that he would have to sit back so deep to be useful. So far only David Luiz made it work because he was unorthodox to say the least with a lot of qualities going forward.


Been proper shit this season. Needs replaced


In his 30s and relies on injections to get through games, it was always coming. Cech, Monreal & Koscielny are all finished, that’s three of our first choice back 5.


Love him, but the injuries have fucked him up.


Koscielny is #3 if I remember


Kos and Cech will definitely need replacing at the end of this season.
They have been great players, but at their age and with persistent injuries to Kos, it is getting difficult to see how they can be first team regulars.