La Liga Thread


Didnt expect that. Nice one Levante!


Real are missing CR7 a bit.


Correa and Vietto start for Atletico.
Atletico with their usual “defend and counter” style.
Atletico should have taken this free kick better, as it was a dangerous situation.
0-0 at HT. Fair result.
Atletico should have scored here. Dangerous position and very clean on goal.
Valencia so close with this header.
Valencia do play well. Quick and accurate passing upfront and in the middle.
Desperate defending by Valencia here to deny Atletico the goal.
0-0 HT. It’s a fair result, albeit i think Valencia looked slightly better than Atletico.
Sevilla to play Eibar in 23 minutes.
0-0 at HT.
3-0 FT. Seville top of the league atm. Meanwhile, Dembele starts on the bench.
Not a good game so far. Barcelona are attacking, but without playing well.
Why are Barca only attacking down the right?
Messi is so finished he has scored two goals today :hipster:
Oh! Espanyol hit the post!
2-0 Barca at HT. Messi has decided to win the league on his own.
Almost 3-0 by Messi. Goat form today.
Messi is doing everything today.
Espanyol have had their chances. Barca still suspect at the back.
Messi’s hattrick. 3-0.
What a save by Ter Stegen here!
4-0 Piquè. Great header.
Barca with a perfect start so far.


Barça looked very good today. In control of the game throughout, defibitely better than under Enrique.


So they lost the Spanish Super Cup on a purpose to hide their true potential :henry2:


Maybe Ronsldo is more important than I gave him credit for.


Real Sociedad! Wow! What a start to the season for them! Already 2-0 up against La Coruna. Perez is on the bench.


Lol Messi’s first goal was a blatant offside but he played really well.

I wish we would get even a fraction of the favours the refs give Barcelona


Sociedad are fucking bossing it atm.
Great volley! 1-2!


Did you see his decision making?
Any other player would have opted for a shot and messed it up but Messi opted to cut it away from goal.
His instincts are on another level.


2-1 Sociedad at HT. If Deportivo got Perez on they could still draw this game.
2-2! Andone, the former Cordoba striker.
What a fluke by Llorente! 3-2 Sociedad.


Do people still rate Illarra?


Great goal by Illarramendi. He looked like Messi here. 4-2 and game over.
Perez should have scored the 3-4 here. 2-4 FT for Real Sociedad. Top of the league along with Barca and best attack in the league, with 10 goals scored.
Bilbao beat Girona 2-0 to go second along with Seville.
Bacca has scored his first goal for Villareal. 1-1 at HT against Betis.
First win in the league for Villareal. 3-1 FT.
Las Palmas beat Malaga to claim their first win in the league.


Eibar and Leganes play today. The latter can go top of the league if it wins.
0-0 at HT.
1-0 Eibar. Back to the winning way after 2 defeats in a row.


Atletico’s new stadium will be inaugurated tomorrow. It looks awesome!


Didn’t think this would get built in time, still not sure how the accessibility will be!

It does look pretty amazing from the pictures. Shame about the location and name though, not sure how fans will think of it compared to the Calderon


Going to the game against Roma, kinda excited to see if they can replicated the atmosphere at the Calderón. If they can I might just become an Atlético :grimacing:

And if Cholo plays Correa.


So you are leaving us? :hipster:


You’re going to be disappointed I think


The Valencia derby at 12:00 a.m. today @will24