La Liga Thread


I’m almost disappointed thesedays if a poster criticises Arsenal over something and then one of Big Spuds, Kaner or A4TT isn’t along within 10 minutes to helpfully point out an oh-so-obvious contradiction (that the rest of us couldn’t possibly fathom), as a completely unnecessary invalidation of the original criticism


You said even Barca make mistakes in buying players. That’s not an excuse for us.


Ha sorry I wasn’t clear, more aimed at the exclusive Wenger hate when even the world’s biggest club has the same failures.


Wait until Wenger signs Messi on a free next season. :grin:


I got it, but we must focus on our own failures.




Yeah, I said yesterday to my Barça mates that it was a fucking ballsy (read: idiotic) move by Bartomeu to come out and say something that Iniesta had publicly contradicted, and would probably contradict again, and it only took one day. Bartomeu is really a strange, unlikeable fucker.


Bartomeu is worse than Kroenke.


If they won today against Getafe Leganes would already be on 9 points. @will24 @AbouCuellar


Is your uncle in this? @AbouCuellar :sweat_smile:


:joy: :joy:

No, thank god, I might’ve had to tell my mom to disinherit him if so.

Que pena que dan.


Are you parents from Getafe?


What questionable life choices might lead one to become a Getafe Ultra? :grimacing::flushed:


Getafe up at HT.


Leganes equalise to make it 1-1, then miss a penalty two mins after :neutral_face:


2-1 FT for Getafe. WTF!? :expressionless:


Big rotation for Real against Levante.


Real 1-0 down!


Think Zidane over-rotated a bit with not starting Isco instead of Theo.


1-1 Lucas.
1-1 at HT.
SR4’s goal incoming :wink:
Marcelo off! :coq:
1-1 FT. So the worst Barca in the last years could go 4 points ahead of Real today.
Valencia-Atletico now.