La Liga Thread


Was there more context to that quote? I read it as, sell Bale to some dumb English club for 100m because nobody in Spain would be remotely interested.


I wasn’t saying to integrate with madridistas, there’s plenty of fine souls like myself in Madrid who don’t worship at that satanist altar. :innocent:

True about Ramos, but then you don’t want to be compared to Ramos, ever.


Is Ramos considered a guido/chav in Spain then? how is he general perceived over there amigos?


Messi still hasn’t signed a new contract yet has he?

What better way to prove he’s the best ever than to sign for arsenal and turn us into the best in the world again :clown_face:


They have a verbal agreement.


So they say, they also said it was signed and it turned out it wasn’t


Did messi not once say if he ever left it would only be to arsenal? It’s on lads


Sid Lowe on Barcelona’s summer:


Sounds like Barca rivalled us for a shitshow of a window also!


Is Wenger Barca manager? :henry2:


Bartomeu is worse than Kronke, A LOT worse haha. In fact it’s not just him, many in their board seem useless tbh.


They have Deulofeu now though


I fully expect Messi to sign a new contract, but imagine if he doesn’t?! Messi leaving on a free would be massive! Would certainly put the Sanchez saga in the shade.


Like replacing Sanchez with :welbeck:



But but but. Only Arsenal and Arsene Wenger miss targets and let contracts run down!! Lol


Barcelona have had a shambolic transfer window, therefore I won’t criticise Wenger or our board for our transfer window or player retention.






That’s not an excuse for not buying.