La Liga Thread


Vamosss Valencia. Only a few more minutes :see_no_evil:


Benzema can’t hit a barn door today.


Benzema :flushed:


Valencia have improved a lot compared with last season.

Arsenal, instead…



Benzema thinks to be Welbeck today. So shit!


Haha he’s outdoing, and actually by some distance, Godroud vs. Monaco :grimacing:

Valencia could’ve put the game away with a good pass from Soler on the counter after scoring the 2nd and avoided all of this. :frowning:



A draw against this real is pretty dam good. I swear Valencia always do good against real, beat them at home last year and I think drew away (?)


2-2 FT. What a game! Asensio was just superb!


Most exciting football match I’ve seen in a while.


Asensio the real deal isnt he. Where the hell did he even pop up from!?


Benzema’s xG tonight was 2.95 :joy:

Giroud that night was around 1.7 and he actually managed to score at least 1.

Lol look at the shot map, infront of the 6yd box is all Benzema.


It’s the Gabriel effect. They will phase it out once he forgets the Arsene ways.


Pederol ripping into Bale :joy:

“If anyone puts 100m on the table, you sell him without a second’s thought, and you say: ‘thank you’, because ‘gracias’ he won’t understand.” :open_mouth:


He doesn’t speak any Spanish at all after 4 years?


Oh fuck that was one brutal take down :joy:

The knives have been sharpening for a while now, he’s gonna be in for one hell of a ride this season.


I’m not sure, I forget who it was that told me that he did speak a bit but that he didn’t feel comfortable giving interviews in it, but you don’t get the feeling he understands or speaks much at all (happens with a lot of Brits who come here and just don’t bother to integrate at all or speak spanish a bit because they don’t really have to)…either way, it’s kinda pathetic, John Guidetti the Swede (think he’s Swede right?) was giving interviews in Spanish after like 6 months at Celta Vigo, and even knew a bit of Gallego! (Whereas Bale probably doesn’t even know that Galicia has a language)


I remember I watched this video of him speaking Spanish in an interview. The level is probably (low) GCSE level at best, with prepared answers I’m sure.

It was a few years ago so you’d think it would have come on quite a bit. Surely he communicates during team talks and training etc


Yeah, from that it seems like you could extrapolate to that he speaks probably a basic level Spanish now 4 years on. The point Pederol makes still stands: he really has never integrated or made a genuine effort to integrate whatsoever.


Yeah the guy was being unfair then. Ok so Bale repeats the same thing about three times in quick succession and has pretty basic sentence structure but it’s undeniably Spanish

No worse than stevie mcmanamanaman’s from memory. Peor que la mía sin embargo :speak_no_evil:


Yeah but he’s surrounded by Madridistas, would you really want to integrate with those people.

Plus Sergio Ramos has been in Spain for 31 years and he still struggles to speak spanish. And I’m almost certain he can’t read it.