La Liga Thread


Great win for Atletico.


2 out of 2 for Leganes.
Seville win 1-0. Now Real.


Asensio is an outrageous talent


Valencia cock up at the back and Asensio scores a golazo!
Nice link-up play here, but crap finish by Benzema.



The Valencia fuck up in the first goal is something I could see Arsenal doing.


Clearly learnt from us.


Who would you pick? I chose Dembele.

The poll doesn’t embed here but it’s between Asensio, Mbappe, Gabriel Jesus & Ousmane Dembele.


Great save by Neto here.


that we will sign before deadline day :henry2:


1-1 HT. Valencia a bit lucky so far.


Mbappe, Dembele, Jesus, Asensio in that order. Though I think Jesus or Asensio could go either way, cautiously put Jesus in front mainly because truly top strikers are rarer than truly top attacking midfielders. All four are cracks.

Anyways, Benzema summing up in 5 minutes why madridistas don’t like him. :grimacing: He’ll do something brilliant in the second half dough, no worries fam. Viva Buenzemísima.


Real a bit flat in the second half.


Someone I follow on Twitter has been raving about Maksimovic on Valencia’s bench for at least 2 years, didn’t know until the commentator mentioned him that he signed for Valencia.

u20 World Cup and u19 European Championship winner.


Marcelo is so good. Better LB than Roberto Carlos.




Asensio is gonna become even better than Neymar. He is just so good. 2-2!


Kondogbia has been superb tonight. Arguably the best player on the pitch.

Kinda forgot all about him, tbh. Does anyone still rate him?


I do was just about to say I can see him getting back to his best in Marcelino’s rigid system, at least I hope so anyway.


What personality, Asensio.

Looking at the replay though, that wall of Valencia’s looks disastrously placed/coordinated by Neto. That was too easy.