La Liga Thread


No need for Ramos to do that, but we know he is a cunt.


Perfect title!



Suarez out for a month? Image them dropping in the Europa League :grimacing: :henry2: :hipster:


Those siesta having paella eating spanish scum better not come near us this season :henry2:


Yeah, otherwise we are gonna destroy them this time :hipster:


Good article. Barca board are to blame. They should have known Neymar was leaving, plus their transfer policy has been shit in the last years.


The year Barcelona look like a piece of shit, we are not in the CL.

Probably still would have lost anyway.


La Liga starts today with Leganes-Alaves and Valencia-Las Palmas.


Oh God please no.

Imagine how much more of a laughing stock we’ll look losing to the worst Barcelona team in 10 years in the Europa League.


Leganes leading Alavaes 1-0 at HT.
1-0 FT for Leganes.
Besides Gabriel, Valencia have bought Murillo as well. Good signing.
My fellow countryman Zaza scores for Valencia :smiley:
Valencia playing well. Las Palmas can’t come out from their half, even because they are down to 10 men. Halilovic got sent off.
1-0 Valencia at HT. Very good goal by Zaza.


Bit of a boring game in the second half. Valencia should kill the game off.
Good chance for Valencia to make it 2-0. Zaza can’t control the ball well to shoot so he has to pass it. His teammate’s effort is blocked just in time.
Zaza and his dive :smile:
Zaza doing well. He just lacks a bit of killer instinct.
Oh Zaza! Would have been a great goal. Great save!
1-0 FT for Valencia. Deserved win. Should have been more.


Girona leading Atletico 2-0 at HT :cech:


Griezmann went full retard there.


Griezmann off for diving lol!
Correa pulls one back.


Golazo de Correa, I’m not sure why it’s taken so long but Cholo really needs to find a way to make this guy a fixed part of their XI.


Simeone suffers from Wenger’s disease.
Girona could have killed the game off here.
Girona’s goalie, lol! 2-2!
What a chance for Girona! Great save by Oblak!
2-2 FT. Great comeback by Atletico.


Bit annoyed I missed this one, will have to catch up with it later on. Bit sure how I feel about Girona since they are not part of the City Group. Saw them play in 2013 and have sort of followed them since. Let’s hope they’re at least entertaining.

Also, did Griezmann miss a few chances or something? I saw stuff mentioning typical Griezmann etc etc, I know he got sent off but assume it’s something else.


He dived and got sent off.


Haha great. Will have to see the re-run to see how obvious it was