La Liga Thread


wenger will forget mbappe and sign asensio…have faith people, keep the faith :hipster:


We can offer them Chamberlain. Perfect replacement for him :hipster:

Bartomeu is like Kroenke to us: a cancer who is ruining the club :hipster:


yeah i reckon if we swap chamberlain and ask for £20m its a fair deal, or maybe Walcott and £15m :campbell:


Seeing that goal again I think Ter Stegen should’ve done much better. Seemed completely flat footed


I never have known what Barca have seen in him, reminds me of our previous woeful keepers (Cech is starting to fit that bill too) he just seems so meh!


Would have never thought Real would have toyed with Barca!


The way Kovacic accelerates is pretty brutal, amazing how he comes out of that pressure there.

Been a long time since I’ve seen a Barça team as weak on paper as this one…wanted to criticise Valverde for a negative approach, choosing such a dull team for this game, but not really many better options…I would’ve put Denis Suárez for Gomes but meh.


First time in a while at Barça that it really is the squad to blame and not the manager. Seems weird to think that I’ll rate his job this season if Barça are competitive haha


Barca=a bunch of pensioners.


£40,000,002 please.


The Ox>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Alba


Asensio >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Mbappe


Lol this Barça performance is on the way to being their worse clasico performance since 2007/08.
Weird to think they had the best midfield in the world for probably near 5 years


Ok, Barca just don’t give a crap about the game.


This will be a 5 goal game




Umtiti caught day dreaming


My god, madridistas insufferability index is reaching all-time highs, something really needs to do something about this, things are really going just way too well for them, and I can’t even see how it’s going to get better (worse).


Already celebrating in la Puerta del Sol? Pour some urine on them :wink:


Then beat them with a crusty dried 20-day old french baguette :henry2: