La Liga Thread


I think if Samper was as good as the hype they would definitely find some way to integrate him, not like they’re stacked in midfield or have the options where they can afford another situation like Thiago. Their midfield is a bit of a mess.


Lol! We are not even linked with him.


If I had to guess I’d say it’s the weather (and also because of CL)


Well, it’s not like they play in Andalucia, tbh. Madrid is colder during the evening.


Fucking fairies.


Apparently Iniesta’s contract expires in January and Messi has agreed but still not signed his new contract :grimacing:


In january? :grimacing:




It’s because of CL. UEFA didn’t let them do it until 11.

It’s still 29 degrees here Luca at 11 PM…Andalucia is indeed hot as fuck but Madrid is still an oven in August by any standards.




Asensio is such sex


What a player this guy is


They have always told me it was colder during the nigh. Fucking cunts! :sanchez2:



That Asensio to Arsenal rumour that the Sun blatantly made up that I saw today when scrolling through the Transfers thread :joy:




They are gonna offer him 20 mil at this point.


Barça could have got him for £3 million :arteta:

I suppose Bartomeu didn’t see any gain for his construction projects or other businesses, only a good player for barca


Bartomeu is a greedy fucker who is ruining Barca.


That Madrid midfield :heart_eyes:

That’s what you build success from!

Already you can see Messi is having to do everything for this Barça team lol. If he really cared about personal success he probably would’ve left Barça this summer or last tbh



Unreal goal