La Liga Thread


Paulinho what the hell hahaha

Would be amazed if Barça don’t sign one of Dembele or Countinho. Think Dembele is the most likely


Seriously, who the fuck is making the deals for them? They are like Liverpool: wasting the money on average players.



Coutinho is coming. Klopp has given up on him.


Love this guy. Fuck you to 100,000 people at the same time :joy:


Probably about 60,000 looking at the amount of white shirts in the crowd.

Avoid Barcelona in August guys :sweat_smile:

Samper has apparently been told he can leave the club. Think we should go in for him, a few years late but I rate him!



Turned us down twice…

Third time lucky? :cristo:


100% agree. Even though he can be a bit erratic, he’s spot on with samper. Should’ve signed with us a few years ago!


What is actually going on at Barca?


It’s as if them and Real have swapped places.

Real have been quietly hoovering up and developing some top young talent for a while whereas Barca are letting theirs stagnate through lack of development or not signing them period.

The Paulinho signing makes no sense because they already have a better player of that type in Rakitic, what they need is to find the long term replacements for Busquets and Iniesta. They still haven’t adequately replaced Xavi either.


Really poor management from the board. It all started with Rosell (who’s now in prison) who prioritised marquee signings over La Masia. He never got on with Cruyff or many of the old guard So he pretty much sought to undo all of their hard work.

Bartomeu is pretty much another clueless owner that doesn’t respect the manager or the youth system, which is aptly summed up by them paying €40m for Paulinho and now panicking to get Coutinho/ Dembele (neither will solve the fundamental issues).

Matter of time before he is ousted to be honest, the club has turned in to Real Madrid pre 2014 with their transfer and marketing strategy. Most of the old guard at the club (supporters I know and assume some of the players) absolutely hate the board. Real Madrid are MUCH better run now, which really says something haha


I guess he didn’t get a proper chance from multiple coaches for a reason.


The Spanish Super Cup return leg is on now. No CR7 and Bale and Isco on the bench for Real, while Barca have no Iniesta.


Two legs eh. Proper trophy that. :gunnersaurus:


Anyone reckon Samper is ready to walk into our 11?


Experimental line up


Yeah, they don’t give up about the cup anymore.


Why the fuck are they playing this game so late?!


Champions League.