La Liga Thread


GG likes bad boys Luca. How many times have you been banned from MDC?

I think you’re in with a chance mate :cristo:


Yeah, i am such a bad boy. I like to beat krauts up :wink:


I get it’s a game of opinions and without wanting to get down another cr7 - Messi debate, BUT Messi is on another level for me. His overall game is considerably above Ronaldo’s, and always has been.

There :laughing:


Ronaldo’s self belief makes him more likeable, Messi seems innocent, so the ‘bad boy’ factor works


What about all the tattoos? Don’t they make him a bad boy?


I think Barca upcoming troubles will finally put Ronaldo ahead in the debate.

Ronaldo’s career has flourished at club level and internationally since turning 30, Messi on the other hand has experienced nothing but turmoil with Argentina NT and Barca right now don’t look set up well for the near future


I don’t even think it’s particularly close. Only goals and assists make it seem that way.


Shame such factors are considered to assess footballing ability.
If people were comparing actual ability, Ronaldo wouldn’t even be considered in same tier as Messi.


There is no doubt that Ronaldo is a great footballer, but for me Messi has just been on a different level.

From technical ability and creativity to decision making and shooting accuracy, Messi is superior to Ronaldo in so many areas. Messi can also dribble past players as easily as if he’s going for a Sunday stroll! I just love watching the guy!


So because Perez finally got a good understanding of what he is doing and Bartomeu is breaking everything down Laporta has build; Ronaldo gets the nod over Messi?




Essentially yes imo. No one can deny Ronaldo has completely dominated the conversation over the last couple of seasons, That because he’s played a key role in so much winning success

I agree Messi is better ability wise but that isn’t the only factor to consider. It’s football, Trophies the the point of the game. They solidify greatness and legacy imo


What? Messi’s trophy cabinet is huge :laughing:.


Not denying it’s size. Questioning his ability to achieve more as he ages with the setup around him


Ok. But how can we hold him responsible whilst Bartomeu is not guiding that club properly? This is still a teamsport.


The thing is I’m not holding Messi responsible for the way Barca look right now, I’ve never implied that. Of course it’s not his fault but the simple reality is it’s the setup he has to operate within for the near future - That will affect his ability to win major honours domestically, in Europe and Internationally.

Like I said Trophies are the point of the football. Success and silverware is how Messi and Ronaldo define themselves essentially. It’s how their respective supporters justify their supremacy in world football. I doubt Messi himself wanted to spend his later years guiding Barca through a fruitless period of rebuilding.


Unfortunately yes.

Also, Barca getting Paulinho??

Lol, they have proper fucked it ever since they took the Qatari money for Neymar.


Messi is better but people have preferences, Ronaldo’s self belief and winning mentality are admirable




Thats a ridiculous decision. He barely put his hands on the ref.