La Liga Thread


Well, Pozzo did the same with Granada and Watford, tbh.


I didnt think an owner of one club (group or not) could be an owner of another one, surely that is a conflict of interest and borderline cheating?


Muriel to Seville the other news.


It’s only a conflict of interests if they are in the same competition.


It’s rumored Barcelona is going to sign Benfica right back Semedo.


Madrid doing a great job sweeping up all the best young Spanish players whilst Barca fail to land their targets and end up pursuing guys like Paulinho.


Barcelona’s management is terribly incompetent.

It is painful for a fan to think that Marco Asensio was about to sign with Barça, but negotiations collapsed with Mallorca because they couldn’t agree on the terms of payments for a total amount of about 5M €. Real Madrid stepped in, put the 5M upfront and got the player with no effort.


Long may Barcas misfortune continue. :slight_smile:


Seville has signed Nolito… I thought they were in for Perez.


Nolito was homesick and he is also from Andalucia.


Spain cheating again :hipster:


Anyone predict who Perez is likely to sign for? He’s gotta step up a level from Depor in their current guise surely


Villarreal have just nabbed Pablo Fornals for 12mil!, such a great signing and a steal too.




Neymar and Messi looked like two me on a mission last night


I really hope Neymar doesn’t move to PSG. Don’t like Barcelona but it would be sad to see a potential great move to that shit club from a club like that with so much Brazilian history.


Meh, Lord Bendtner was sooooooo much better!



The Spanish Super Cup first leg takes place today. Real are clearly favourite, as Barca are a bit in turmoil atm.

Btw, Barca are close to get Paulinho, the former Tottenumb midfielder :arteta:. They are so clueless when it comes to buy players.


Is Super Cup rated higher in Spain compared to the ‘friendly’ Community Shield?