La Liga Thread


Thought you lived in Vallecas, Cuellar :thinking:


Nah, but my friend’s drug dealer does. (tbh I don’t like the snobby attitude madrileños have toward Vallecas…it’s not fucking unsafe at all compared to anything in cities in the U.S. or London I’m sure, and some of the people there are quite nice. So dunno why I’m participating in this with this bad joke other than the fact that me lo has puesto a huevo)


When I almost moved to Madrid a few years back I was looking at places in Puente de Vallekas. Central Madrid far too cosmopolitan for this amante del campo :sunglasses:


Well done there, tío. The k is a quality and extremely apropos touch.

There’s not much campo in Vallekas though…


I’m disgusted for what Alba, and Barça regulary do, when they need points but aren’t capable to score or secure the result.

In La Masìa, after the tecnhique, the vision, play with and without the ball, they instill the culture of diving.

I hate them.

Fuck off to them, I’m happy for Zizou.


Seems like former Barcelona president Sandro Rosell has been arrested. Hardly surprising that it would happen one day.


He’s always been a crook. Never have and never will like him. The way he treated Cruyff at the club was ridiculous.


Wasn’t he involved in Neymar’s signing?


Signed a 16 year-old for €45,000,000.



The Copa del Rey final today. Chance for Luis Enrique to finish in style.


Vidal is already back after his injury, albeit he starts on the bench. What a speed recover!
Great start by Alaves.
Alaves continue with their good start.
Chance for Iniesta on a deflected shot.
Guess who scored. Messi!
What a golazo! Well-deserved for Alaves.
Rakitic close.
Maybe it was a bit offside. 2-1 Neymar though.
Messi is just God when he does this. 3-1 Barca with Paco.


Paco close to the 4-1. Messi at it again.
Alaves trying not to give up yet. Lovely spirit from them.
So the Spanish Super Cup and La Copa del Rey for Barca this season.


Valverde confirmed as Barcelona manager.
Weird appointment, hoofball-merchant at Athletic.


He played for Barca. That’s enough to make him a perfect manager for them.


@will24, finally Girona managed to get promoted. And what about Mallorca and Elche? What a collapse for them!


Mixed emotions! Very happy for Girona, they’ve been close for a few years now, plus it’s their first time in La Liga. I used to play with them on fifa when I was younger aswell so all good :grinning:

Sad for Mallorca. They have everything finally in order yet get relegated. I enjoyed them in La Liga aswell, so it’s a real shame to see them in trouble!


What about Steve Nash? Is he still their owner?


Tenerife beat Getafe in the playoffs final first leg.


Getafe back to La Liga after just one season.


Ugh I fucking hate Manchester City. This is ridiculous