La Liga Thread


Atletico and Villareal leading at HT, while Sociedad are drawing.
Villareal 5th
Real Sociedad 6th
Athletic Bilbao 7th


That was quick…

1-0 Madrid.


LOL! Real already up. CR7.


Title clinched in minute 1. Job done for Madrid.


LOL! Real already up. CR7.
Eibar up and Suarez jus misses an incredible sitter.
Eibar have been much better than Barca so far.


Oh god we’re in a world where Zidane has a chance of being considered among the greatest manager of all time.
This is truly the darkest timeline.


Suarez disallowed. Right decision.
What a fucking chance for Eibar!


Nice save by Eibar’s keeper here.
The league is officially over. Benzema.
2-0 Eibar lol! Barca just thinking about the Cup final.
Comical own goal. 1-2.
Almost another own goal.
Messi misses a penalty. Not his day today!
2-2 Suarez.


Seems Ronaldo has been better and more decisive when it matters than Messi for a while now…


Penalty again! 3-2 Messi!



@AbouCuellar Must be celebrating at Cibeles


Hmmm interesting comment


:bellerin: At least Buenzemísima scored.


We know you do support Real Farcid.


For some reason it’s felt like a very strange season in La Liga this year :thinking:


Looks like Barca going to have to sign a dodgy superstar, racist or tax avoiding player or 3 to respond next season then.


Yeah, i do think Barca threw it away. Madrid were nothing special in the end.


Barca were shit. Had to get bailed out by the ref.
Takashi Inui MOTM.


Can fucking hear Cibeles from my window. Really not what I need to get a good sleep and start the week off on the right foot. Seeing (/hearing) Madridistas happy just really throws me off my game.