La Liga Thread


Big chance for Atletico now. I love how Simeone talks to his players. It’s like he is still playing.
Villareal playing their game without any fear.
Villareal’s keeper is keeping his team in the game.
0-0 HT. Atletico are gonna score their usual goal in the second half.


Tony Adams: 3 games played, 0 wins, 3 defeat, 0 goals scored and 7 conceded :hipster:


Villareal are tough. No wonder Real beat them only thanks to the referee.


He’ll get his first win against Real Madrid next weekend and hand Barcelona the title :henry:


Indeed. 1-0 Soriano :smiley:
Atletico lose. Now Seville can go level on points with them.


Don’t think Atletico care much about 3rd or 4th, its all about the Champions League for them.


Roberto Soriano is very interesting. 11 goals and 9 assist this season.


I called it :wink:

Ona serious note those numbers (11 goals & 9 assist) have all came off the wing too which is even more impressive considering how good he was for Sampdoria (8 goals & 4 assist) from central midfield last season.


Barca-Osasuna and Deportivo-Real today. CR7 has not been called up.


3-3-1-3 for Barca.


3 3 1 3 is so damn ugly.


1-0 Messi with a cool finishing after Osasuna’s defence cocked up.
Close by Digne.
2-0 Andre Gomes. Rakitic’s assist.
Easy 2-0 at HT for Barca.


Osasuna pull one back! :smiley:
A brace for Gomes, lol! 3-1!
Messi, Paco and Mascherano’s penalty. 6-1 atm.
Real Sociedad leading 2-0 against Valencia.
7-1 Paco.
7-1 FT. Massive pressure on Real now.


Morata puts Real up after just 2 minutes.
2-0 James. Real look better without the BBC.
1-2! :smiley:
3-1 Lucas. Game over again?
Game really over now. James Rodriguez.
Isco with a nice finish. 5-1.
2-5. Consolation goal for Deportivo.
“Mister no red card” scores the 6-2.
Real and Barca fighting each other by scoring goal for fun.


Seville can go level on points with Atletico today.


Alaves-Eibar 0-0 FT and Seville 0-0 at HT.
Seville and Bilbao win.


12:00: Real Sociedad-Granada
15:15: Real Madrid-Valencia
17:30: Las Palmas-Atletico
19:45: Espanyol-Barcellona

Great round up today!


Will Tony Adams finally get to see his team score a goal at the 4th attempt? :grimacing:


2-1 FT for Real Sociedad. Granada are officially relegated.


Double chance for Valencia! Real’s defence cocked up here.
Orellana, you turd! What a chance that was for Valencia!
Great header, tbh. Real playing crap and winning. Nothing new.
Real leading at HT.