La Liga Thread


Very enjoyable game, still hate both teams though

Messi ruled this one.


[quote=“Luca_from_Italy, post:1262, topic:124, full:true”]
Best player ever. End of it.
[/quote]Pretty sure you said the other day his best days were over :santi2:


To be fair they’re not mutually exclusive…Messi is showing signs of decline but I agree with Luca, best player of all time, people who say otherwise are really just haters. I didn’t witness Maradona or Pelé’s prime but I think even adjusting for era it’s just extremely improbable they could do what Messi has done.

Wtf, though, Barça, how they allowed themselves to get overrun by Madrid with a man advantage like that was pretty shambolic…Madrid probably would’ve won if they subbed Isco on for Giroud. :wenger:

Meanwhile, Roncero… :

:joy: :joy: :joy:


His (and many others) obsession with Pique is hilarious :joy: He has them on a string haha.


:bellerin: He has lost a bit of pace, but still has great magic in him.


Whilst I ageee with you that he’s the greatest - having a differing opinion on the topic does not make anyone a hater.


Eibar-Bilbao should be interesting today.
0-0 HT.


Not that interesting at all, then


Big chance for Eibar! Great start to the second half for them.
Eibar dangerous again. C’mon!


Little Eibar are little :sunglasses:


Nasty tackle. Deserved red for Eibar.
Raul Garcia hits the post with a great effort.




Ok, i got it :bellerin:


That’s it for Eibar’s Europa League chance. 1-0 FT for Bilbao thanks to Raul Garcia.


What is Real Madrid’s run home compared to Barca ?


Eibar vs Bilbao didn’t exactly look like it was a thriller


Another La Liga round up this week. Atletico-Villareal is the most interesting game.


3 years.


Ramos only gets a one game ban then for his tackle on Messi. Neymar got a four game ban for sarcastically applauding. Incredible.


Lol! Should be 3-game ban for a straight red, FFS!