La Liga Thread


Messi Messi Messi. Sublime.


Bale off injured.


Not surprised, I doubt he was fit to start in the first place.


I don’t understand why they rushed him back when Isco was sitting on the bench…



Casemiro is so fuckin stupid, it’s unreal, he should be sent off


Messi should’ve scored with the last kick of the half, and Casemiro should’ve been walking down the tunnel two minutes before the whistle.


They just can’t get Casemiro out, lol! Meanwhile, big chance for Messi right at the end of the first half.


Paco bottles a big chance here.


Quite an even game this. Really wouldn’t like to call it


Barca should be ahead in this second half.


loool Ronaldo!

Replay shows it was a slightly harder chance than I first thought.


Those were 2 massive chances for CR7 and Suarez.


Golazo from Rakitic!


Rakitic! Golazo!


Fucking yes LADitic


@AbouCuellar is going to have a fit when he sees that you’ve described Casemiro as the second best player in the world.




Real talk Casemiro is a mong. Really understand the Coquelin comparisons, they are basically the same player but Case got that Perefs y’know?


Ramos being an idiot again ahaha