La Liga Thread


Eibar still in the race for the Europa League. What a season they are having!


Some decent results recently!

Valencia are definitely safe nowith. Also, it’s hard to think that this was the same Zaza that was at West Ham.

I do feel sorry for Granada though, it’s a lovely place and a lovely football club. Shame that they’re almost relegated now.


Little Eibar top of the Basque mini league. Maybe they could catch Villareal for 5th place yet, would be quite something.

Their remaining fixtures are Betis, Alaves and Atletico Madrid away and Leganes Athletic and Sporting at home, before they round off with a probable loss at Camp Nou.

Not the most comfortable set of fixtures, but hope they do it!




Fair play to Adams. He has gone to various countries for experience and to stay in touch with the footballing world. Obvioulsy keen to make a go of things. Wish him the best.


Evra was doing the same thing, except calling him south american… And yes, he wasn’t doing it to be friendly, as Suárez said himself in the interview that I actually quoted in the post you quoted…

I’m not an apologist for a racist. I don’t like racism. He’s not racist though, by all accounts of his teammates, just used and exploited. A weasel yes but that’s low on the totem pole of names you can call most footballers.


4th time FFS! :frowning:


Real Sociedad back to the winning way against Gijon.


Every reply to this tweet is your da :joy::joy:



This is so much better when you watch the video.


Shame… been a fan of his for a long time but all those injuries are just incredibly sad to see :frowning:


Sampaoli has apparently agreed to coach Argentina. Sevilla, understandably, are supposedly not too happy about it.


Jesus, this is beyond embarrassing. :anguished:


Sounds like the back to basics coach we’ve all been looking for.


I saw that LEGEND’s video yesterday and someone posted this in reply on twitter for that last comment. I thought it was funny.


Big turnover for Real against Gijon.
1-1 so far. Gjon take the lead, but Real equalize shortly after with Isco.



Real 1-1 at HT.
Gijon up!
Morata is on fire in this period. 2-2.
Isco :cech:
Perez looks pissed off in the stand :smiley:
Isco has been majestic today. In fact he has scored the 3-2 now.
Massive win for Real in the title race.


Isco would be ideal for Arsenal, but he should stay at Madrid, he’s definitely good enough, some amazing play today, almost scoring goal of the season.