La Liga Thread


Real bottled despite a great game. Atleti have been not good since the start of the game, but Simeone and his men have been lucky to not concede another goal, to wait and to back on track thanks to Griezmann.

Now, if Barça will win against Malaga, at Bernabeu we will see a civil war on the pitch.


Next game is Real Madrid v Barça at Bernabeu, not Camp Nou. The first leg has been played at the start of December, when Sergio Ramos scored the 1-1 during the injury time.


3 goals in just 13 minutes in Seville-La Coruna.


I can see Malaga getting something from Barca


Seville have score more today than their previous 2 games. 3-2 HT for them.
4-2 FT.


Big chance for Suarez. Kameni saves.


Lol, Kameni is going to have one of them days.

He made a pretty good save from a shot that was (incorrectly) called offside.


Messi off the bar.
Risky Ter Stegen.
Neymar booked. That’s a news!
And now Malaga score. Great counter! Suicidal defence by Barca here. Only Mathieu to cover for the opponent.


Mathieu :joy:


Barca need to speed the tempo up.
Everytime Gomes plays, Barca look shit.
Iniesta on.
Oh! Should have been 2-0!
Suarez not up for it today.
Neymar off! Very stupid from him.


Seems like Andre Gomes is having a disaster of a first season for Barcelona, only just turned the game on so didn’t see him before he was subbed but from the previous games I have, he’s shown very little to justify why Barcelona bought him for what they did.

Neymar red card :joy:


I thought it was the 2-0 here.


Fuckkkkk, Penaranda was onside.


Inside or outside?
Lol! How is this not penalty?
Another chance for Malaga to make it 2-0. They are bottling it.





Oh! Finally Malaga score the 2-0 Fully deserved. Barca have been utter wank.
Barca can still win the league though, as they beat Real and then Los Blancos are prone to drop points somewhere. But the same thing can be said about Barca.


In the words of GFI, title…over! :sunglasses: Good, can’t stand Farcelona


Such a costly loss for Barca when they had the chance to tighten the screw after the Madrid Derby.


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Valencia beating Granada 2-0 at HT. @will24
3-1 FT for Valencia. They are all but safe.