La Liga Thread


Quite a massive turnover again for Luis Enrique again. Messi is banned though.
Suarez hits the bar!
Suare with a beautiful chip! 1-0 Barca right at the end of the first half.


The Suaréz shot that hit the crossbar was fantastic. Should be easily more than one.


Why does Ochoa always tend to come out from his box? It’s a very risky move.




Barca are not gonna win anything this season, apart from la Copa del Rey. They are pathetic at the back.
Barca are still gonna win this game though.
Indeed. Paco with a nice finish.
Iniesta on.
Rakitic kills the game off after Granada went down to 10 men.
Neymar. 4-1 FT. Easy tap-in for him.


Man, that almost goal from Suárez :open_mouth: Ronaldinho-esque. If only it went in. Would’ve been a great goal from a great person.


Great person? Puta cabron :bellerin:


Giuseppe Rossi with a brace for Celta against Las Palmas. Such a gifted and unlucky player.
Hattrick for Rossi!


Tony Adams is sporting director of Granada :confused:


:cech: :bellerin:


Alright… why?


[quote=“TheSpecialCnut, post:1137, topic:124, full:true”]
Alright… why?
[/quote]All that experience managing in Azerbaijan is everything Granada would want in a sporting director :ramsey:


3-1 FT for Celta. Welcome back Pepito!


Tbh I like Tony Adams and not just because he’s Arsenal. He was willing to take a lower division job, willing to go abroad to the middle of nowhere to do some coaching, Redknapp credited him with sorting out Portsmouth’s defence (which was very good when he was there), he’s overcome a lot of personal shit and seems like a decent enough bloke. Maybe he’s not cut out to be a manager but it’s nice that he’s still keen to be involved in the game any way he can. Maybe sporting director will finally be his thing :grin:


Yeah, and his comments in that article posted are not bad either.


When I lived in Malta, my father and I were asked by Tony Adams’ Danish agent/manager/matey who happened to be one of my dads really good friends to help him get the coaching job for the Maltese national team.

Unfortunately we couldn’t because the Maltese FA is heavily subsidised by the Italian FA and almost run by proxy by the Italian FA and they like to put their own guys in charge of the Maltese team as a practice run for Italian managers. That’s why he ended up going to Azerbaijan.

This was back around early-mid 2014.


Last Champions League chance for Real Sociedad against Atletico today.


1-0 Filipe Luis.
Real Sociedad with one of the comical attempt on goal ever. The ball finished on the corner flag.
1-0 Atletico HT. Atletico’s goal was pure quality. Great link up play.
Gabi just inches away from scoring the second.
Tight win for Atletico as usual.


Barca-Sevilla now.
Ray Hudson commenting! Get in!
Christ! One of the best shot i have ever seen by Messi. He hits the bar.
Barca are truly dominating Seville.
Nzonzi is the king of the bottlers!
Seville have woken up. Now the game is more balanced.
Golazo! Dracula!
The MSN at their best here! Neymar runs, his pass a bit too long for Suarez who can still pull it back though to Messi. 2-0!


Sampaoli showed all his weaknesses during the last two months. He needs to improve, like his players, to be good enough for the best team in the World.