La Liga Thread



Ramos again.


Oh fuck offfff


You just knew it :hipster:


Wikipedia said he has scored 48 goals for Real. Bloody hell! That’s really a great tally for a CB.
Navas with a bloody fucking save. 2-1 FT for Real.


Honestly Ramos is a better striker than defender. But tbf that’s not that hard since he’s not a very good defender.


He and Ronaldo should switch positions. Ronaldo can do what he does best: make sure no one scores but him. Ramos can do the only thing he does well: score goals.


I do agree. Ramos can’t defend well, but he scores so many important goals.


Eibar waste a big chance to close the gap on Bilbao in their race for a place in the Europa League.


Villareal lose against Las Palmas. Big blow in the fight to finish in the top 4.




Supporting Farcid?


I’m not trying to be disappointed two games in a row…



Real win and get their grip on the league.


Atletico-Seville now.
Godin. 1-0 Atletico. Tough period for Seville.
Always him! Griezmann! 2-0!
3-0 Koke. Seville done and dusted.
Consolation goal for Correa.
3-1 FT for Atletico who not only all but secure their 4th place, but are just 2 points behind Seville now.


3-3-1-3 for Barca again.


Cancelo is playing as a RW :joy::joy:


Big chance for Suarez.
Well, today we keep on watching incredible missed chances. How did Barca not score here?
Piquè with a nice backheel to assist a Valencia player :mustafi:
Nice decision. Neymar dived.
LOLLLLLLLLLL! Mangala scores!
1-1 Suarez. Directly from a throw-in.

Messi just off the bar with a free kick.


Argh trust me to miss this game!

Atleast Valencia are giving it a good go (by the sounds of it)!


Mangala is a mess.

I’m sure transfer fee combined with 3rd party fee Mangala is one of the most expensive defenders of all time…

And Munir replies instantly lol, 2-2.


Indeed. Messi just scored a penalty. 2-1.