La Liga Thread


It’s already only a matter of time before Real score. Betis look shaky and all over the place at the back.


So bad. I think the writing is on the wall for them. Cordoba are alsodoing very bad, and they last in La Liga in 2015!


Last-ditch tackle to prevent Betis from scoring here.


Small club who can only survive if they stay up.


Honestly, I don’t see anyone can expect players not to dive or for diving to be a part of the game until you start penalising tackles like that one from Ramos even if you don’t touch the player. He’s got no chance at the ball, doesn’t get it but as Rubén Castro jumps over it there’s no penalty but he also loses the chance to score, so it’s as if Ramos’ tackle was a good one (which it obviously wasn’t).

edit: loool Mateu Lahoz…clear red. Also Cristiano is so shit.


How is that not a foul and a red card?




That’s the reason why Madrid wanted De Gea. Navas are shit.


Si el Betis quiere ganar este partido tiene que quitarse de encima esta Lahoza. :joy: :joy: :campbell::cristo::henry2::welbeck::theo::ozil2::poldi::ozil2::jakey::iwobi:


Equipo de mierda. Zidane no comprende nada.


I mean, you know I’m with you on the anti-madridista sentiment, but why would you shit on their prostitute? Poor girl has a hard enough life already, surely.




Edited. My spanish is still not good. Need more Seville this summer :ozil2:


Equipo patético. Cruzar, cruzar todo el tiempo :hipster:


Rearsenal Madrid


Well, after another cross they finally score. What a gameplan!
Could have been dangerous for Betis here.


Body blow for Barcelona with that loss today.


Top play from Kiercelo Gibbs da Silva to set up Girounaldo for the goal.


How the hell is Navas still on the pitch? :joy:


tbf, stand up move by Keylor to take his punishment into his own hands and score that own-golazo.


Navas has just made a save.
Another shaky moment for Madrid at the back.
Christ! The 2 keepers are just shit. They can’t catch a ball to save their life.
Betis are dominating. Real can’t come out from his half.
Not offside here.
Everything is perfectly settled for SR4. Meanwhile, Betis down to 10 men.