La Liga Thread


Unfortunately not, I think the last game I watched before this one was their 1-0 defeat against Villareal, which was probably the most unfair result I’ve seen all season (albeit it’s their own fault for not taking their chances). By all accounts the players that seem to stand out for me when I watch them are Oyarzabal, Vela and and Rulli (think he’s actually signed for them, always assume he’s on loan).

I somewhat stopped following them after their season in the Champions League (2013/14 I think), as I was so dissapointed by how they played that year. I was hyping them up so much and they absolutely flopped. I couldn’t quite believe just how awful they were.


2-0 Bilbao FT. Great win for them. Deportivo-Barca next.


Barca still 0-0 against La Coruna.



Deportivo 1-0!


Lol! Perfect timing for me :coq:
Luis Enrique has made a big turnover again. It’s the same old mistake.
1-1 Dracula.
La Coruna are more likely to score the second than Barca. Luis Enrique’s side are probably tierd after their comeback against PS.G.
Another good chance for Deportivo.
2-1 Deportivo! So deserved!
Alba completely outmuscled for the second goal.


Dunno why you guys are celebrating, Madrid winning the league is definitely the bigger evil.


Nah fuck Barca and plus if Madrid wins you’ll have to deal with your friends inflated egos.


fuck off cuico boy.


2-1 FT for Deportivo. Still not over yet, but now Barca have to beat Real away and then support Seville.


The Segunda Divisione table from the bottom

Cordoba 33
Mallorca 30
Almeria 29
Rayo Vallecano 29
Mirandes 29

@will24 :frowning:


Swear all these teams have only recently played in La Liga. What’s happened to them?!


Dunno, they must be really shit cause La liga and the second division is not nearly as competitive as the Premier and the Championship. :wink:


I think their parachute payment are not as big as the PL for example.


Last time in La Liga:

Mallorca : 2013
Almeria: 2015
Rayo: 2016


Only Levante are dominating the Segunda Division after getting relegated last season. There are many teams that struggle after their relegation. For example, Real Saragoza can’t get out from the second tier. And a club like Racing even got relegated to the third tier.


Yeah, it was irony (gratuitous, I’ll admit) directed at people like a4tt and Trion who like to repeat ignorant things about La Liga/the Premier. :slight_smile:


The Yellow Submarine are 5th after beating Celta away. Still in the race for the Champions League.


Balague just called Ceballos a superstar, he’s that good or is this similar to Balague labelling Jese the next Ronaldo?


Benzema dropped for Morata.
Oh Ronaldo! What a miss!
Betis’s goalie almost cause a great cock up.


Tbf, Jesé was legitimately really good when he first broke out with Madrid.

One thing they definitely have in common: some hilarious shit on the internet.