La Liga Thread


Valencia-Sporting Gijon 0-0 at HT. @will24


(Un)fortunately I can’t watch this game.

Just checked the latest score and I see that Zaza missed a penalty on 55’ and then Sporting score on 60’ :unamused:

This will be a massive win for Sporting!


“The penalty specialist”


1-1 FT.


Seville down to Leganes after just 3 minutes.
Seville respond with Sarabia. His shot is just off the bar.
Oh christ! Leganes wasted a big chance to make it 2-0.
Leganes dangerous again. I don’t think this 3-4-3 formation works for Seville.
Jo-jo! 1-1!
Seville have started well the second half.
Sampaoli is a joy to watch on the bench. He keeps on moving :poldi:
1-1 FT. Seville have given up on the title.


Granada giving Atletico a go in this first half.
Griezmann with a bad control or he would have been clear on goal.
Let’s see if Granada can keep it up in the second half.
Stonewall penalty denied to Atletico.


Could Correa be a smart buy for a club like ourselves? Doesn’t play much for Atletico so he’d likely move for an insignificant fee but looked an immense talent when I saw him play previously.


Atletico have come out all gun blazing in this second half. They are putting Granada in their place.



edit: btw @Burgundy , speaking of series Atlanta I think would be the obvious one for you to watch first. Aside from simply being good, full stop, it would seem to meet your interests.


Didn’t know crazy Ochoa played for Granada. Still remember his amazing performances at the 2014 WC.
Side-netting for Griezmann.


+2, I really rate him.

Not watching the Atletico game, but it sounds rather poor. They haven’t looked that impressive in the league, except of course against Valencia last week (although it’s more that Valencia are awful).


They have started the second half well, but now Granada have settled in again.


Great save by Ochoa.
Splash the cash for Griezmann! He did it again!
1-0 Atletico FT. Just 5 points behind Seville now.


The Basque Derby for the Champions League-Europa League now.
1-0 Bilbao thanks to Garcia’s penalty. There was probably another one on Williams some minutes ago.
Bilbao so close to the 2-0. And now Sociedad almost equalize.
Heavy rain falling down in San Sebastian. Great atmosphere to play a derby :smiley:
1-0 Bilbao at HT.


Athletic end their run of 5 consecutive games without scoring at the Anoeta.

Is it just me or does it always seem to be raining when these two play eachother?


Isn’t a typical Basque Country atmosphere?


Yeah it’s always a great atmosphere between these two! Nothing extreme on either side, just incredibly passionate about their teams.


2-0 Williams! It would be a massive result for Atletico!
Real Sociedad almost pull one back immediately. Very close header.
Aduriz on. More goals are coming now for Bilbao.


Forget where I read it the other day but apparently some big clubs are starting to follow Williams closely. @will24 have you watched la Real this season? I don’t think I’ve seen them once, interested about Sacristán, but don’t know a thing about the current la Real side aside from Oyarzabal is a major talent.

uff literally right as I switched on the stream Iñaki with a great nutmeg that deserved to finish in a goal.


Bilbao hit the post!