La Liga Thread



Atletico a different class. Their attacking has been especially superb, with some really superb passing and moving. The difference in quality has been immense, but expected.

Valencia actually had some decent possession in the first half, albeit didn’t have a shot to show for it. Still don’t think theres been a Valencia shot on target haha.

As a write this Diego Alves has just made a superb save from Griezmann!


Hope Atletico can finally win the Champions League this season. They deserve it.


I think they will prioritise that. Despite their recent resurgence, with some nice performances, I still think they’ll miss out on it. Unfortunately.

God Valencia have been fucking inept today. Some of the passing has been shambolic, it’s as if they can’t fully concentrate. Not sure how it’s only 2-0 Atleti, as they’ve been gifted good chances.


Monchi is basically to Director of Footballing what Messi is to footballing.


3-0 Atletico FT.


Alaves-Seville today.


1-0 Ben Yedder.
Seville leading at HT.
Fuck! 1-1!


What a point for Alaves! Think this result will take the momentum away from Sevilla. They were sort of lucky against Athletic and Betis if my memory serves me well


That’s it for Seville.


Bilbao totally dominated them in the second half.


Backed Sevilla when already one up in a double with Chelsea. Fucking cunts


Same :joy:




@TheSpecialCnut best Roncero video ever. Also the one in which he talks least. :slight_smile:


Any videos in which he suffers is a good video tbf.


@A.F. Roque Mesa, Jonathan Viera (and Iborra, another good player who’s never talked about) on Lopetegui’s list for the upcoming national team games. :sunglasses:


ffs ESPN, you could at least talk to actual catalans.


Is Vitolo who has already been called up for Spain?


Seville-Leganes and Granada-Atletico today.


Yeh, the winger from the canary islands formerly of Las Palmas now of Sevilla.