La Liga Thread


Great goal from Messi…shocker.


He had to be him. Simply the best.


What a goal. He’s so good at dribbling. Him and Maradona are the two greatest players of all time when it comes to dribbling past players.


Superb goal from Neymar.

Barca look galvanised by Enrique saying he’s leaving…can only hope Wenger does the same.


Messi-Neymar just beautiful. 2-0!


Oh my God that chip from Neymar. I thought he scuffed it at first.

There’s one of the many reasons why Messi is a better than C.Ronaldo; he creates as many goals as he scores


Anyone got a clip of Neymar’s goal?


Edit: I’m useless at embedding stuff ha.



Not your fault here Will. Twitter doesn’t embed on the new OA just links sadly.


You could use to embed videos. Makes it a matter of seconds to convert them to videos that can be pasted on here.


Neymar has looked fucking good in the last 2 games.


I did wonder about that! Could’ve sworn I’d done it on here before haha.

Neymar looking superb today, he’s had a hit and miss season but he’s stringing some very nice performances together now.


3-0. Playstation move.
4-0. 10 goals in the last 2 games for Barca. Do P.S.G. need to worry?


5-0. The greatest player of all time.


FUCK OFF CR7! You are just a poor’s man Walcott. Messi is the greatest of all time. 5-0.
Ahahah! Celta miss the easiest chance ever.


I can’t wait until the Clasico. Really hope Barca go into it in this form!


Honestly think Madrid is a better side without Ronaldo. They are much more in need of players who will force them to play well under Zidane’s lack of good instruction, and it’s not like they are lacking in players who can score (or should I say, take penalties ;)).


Atletico-Valencia later on today. Really looking forward to it. May be a bit foolish of me to say this, but I think it may be quite a tight game, despite not being anywhere near the level of Atleti Valencia games in the past :confused:

3 minutes in and Valencia are already defending desperately. Ahhh here we go :joy:


Valencia losing. @will24